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Star Wars: Renascent - by Asteroid-Man

That dude really loves that cover art.

Star Wars Renascent sneakers would be sweet though.
Wow... that's tough. I'd be furious and somewhat strangely proud at the same time. They obviously admire your work enough to steal it.
Hey, at the very least, it's free advertising for your fanedit. People will want to know what it is, and Google it, so it's more downloads on your counter without so much as breaking a sweat :)
That is very true! Haha, I'm kind of stunned and proud like you said. It's so weird haha.
That's a good way of looking at it, Kal-El. Free publicity is good even if the method is a little frustrating. :)
Please note that due to unknown mental errors on the part of a certain admin with an interesting avatar, the digital copy is mislabeled as a wmv file. It is actually an MKV. I'm sure that anyone interested in the digital copy will be ok with either format, I just wanted to point that out. The labeling on site will be corrected shortly.
I double checked, the links download an mkv file that clocks in at 1.7 GB. I ran through VLC and confirmed that this is indeed your edit :p
Ahaha, that's actually pretty funny - I don't remember creating an MKV file at all!
Unless my Mac is doing some seriously odd things while it uncompressed the files, yup ;) Either way, it works and people can get their paws on it.
Just popped in to offer an update on what I'll be doing over the next few years:
No Country for Gunmen (Hopefully by the end of the Winter)
Smallville: Superman (End of Spring 2012)
Tron: Liberty (End of 2012)
The Empire Strikes Back: Renascent (End of 2013)
All eight Harry Potter films (Who knows... - Extended Editions with colour correction, consistency of effects, continuity fixes and full of John Williams glory!)
Return of the Jedi: Renascent
The Avengers Films (Intercut into one "Avengers" series)
I was just wondering if I could get everyone's opinions on what I could improve on for part 2 and also what they would like to see.
AM: I'm only halfway done with my viewing, but here are some initial thoughts. A full review will eventually lumber out of the bear cave.

The new score, when present, changes the tone of the movie. The music turns familiar scenes sublime, now oozing with depth and gravitas. A few scenes become art-house sci-fi, in a good way, solely because of the musical changes. Same dialogue, same visuals, but a different emotion runs through them, sometimes powerfully. This alone is reason enough to see this cut.

When used briefly in flashback sequences, parts of the prequels come across brilliantly. No longer do these scenes get a chance to smear nonsensical poo all over this fable; they're present long enough to emote or provide exposition, and then they're gone.

And Anakin's and Padme's clunky romance is mercifully condensed, making it more believable. Still hokey, but, hey, Asteroid Man's not to blame.

But then there are prequel scenes that go on too long.

I understand that the intention of the edit is to present two parallel stories, those of Anakin and Luke. It's almost too balanced in presenting both of their stories, and therein lies a significant fault. Luke's story of departure and adventure is simply compelling; Anakin's whining, sexual creepiness, and fascist politics are not. Although Asteroid Man doesn't state his intention was to provide an episode-IV-centric story admixed with tiny bits of episode I through III, one can't help but think that that approach might have provided a leaner, more potent cut.

The parts of the PT that should have been kept were those necessary for storytelling. Action sequences from the PT, for the most part, aren't necessary to ground the events that happen two decades later. From the perspective of the original trilogy, is it necessary to know the particulars of Padme's assassination attempt, or the silly chase that ensues?

Even though I'm biased toward the OT, I felt there were some episode IV scenes that could have further trimmed. The boarding of the rebel ship near the start of the movie, as well as the on-ship battle that followed, could have been cut drastically.

Sometimes the blending of the two stories works really well. Luke's discovery of his dead aunt and uncle, and Anakin's discovery of his ravaged mother (the last-minute nature of his interest which I thought was ridiculous in the studio version) are interweaved neatly.

I really liked the discussion @ Ben's desert abode. The PT flashbacks were spare; that scene was cooked just right (aside from some sound issues, which others have mentioned).
Again, just to clarify the love story segment and the mirrored deaths was something I had permission to use by the editors who initially pitched "Star Wars: Reborn".
Yeah I see exactly what you mean with there being a bit too much focus on AOTC and my issue with it was that AOTC and SW are the two that have the least in common, so what I kept of Anakin was to simply give context of who he was and to provide backstory for parts II and III. I wanted to remove any elements that made him seem too whiny and make him seem a little more relaxed (by using music - see the elevator scene).
The benefit to the assassination attempt was to show that Anakin was indeed a good pilot and also a nice lead into the similarities between the clun and the cantina.

That said, I'll be cracking down way more and making every Prequel cut be there for a reason (there will end up being far more ESB and ROTJ footage than ROTS footage respectively). But please note that I'll also be cutting a LOT from Han and Leia (keeping key moments in Leia's life... after all, she is a Skywalker)

I'm glad you're liking it so far and thanks so much for the review up to now! I can't wait to hear the rest. :)
I just watched this the other night. I have mixed feelings on the edit, and I hope I won't come across as too critical.

1) Godfather 2 style 5/5
This was an inspired choice for how to tell the story of Star Wars. I love the Godfather films, and seeing someone attempt the same style of storytelling with Star Wars is very cool. While I feel that the style works, the content doesn't. More on that below. The back and forth, seeing both Anakin and Luke on their journeys, was very powerful. I enjoyed the comparisons between the two characters.

2) Audio 3/5
The new audio really didn't work for me. In many places it was fine and fitting, but there were many scenes where it was overpowering the dialogue and distracted me from watching the movie. Specifically, in Obi Wan's house, I couldn't really hear what the characters were saying. This could be fixed relatively easily and was a bit of a disappointment, given how much effort and talent is clearly present on this project.

3) Prequel Suckery
Through no fault of the editor, I feel that this edit fails merely on the inclusion of the prequel footage. The prequels were horrible stories that were badly told, and no fan edit will convince me otherwise. (Yes, that's a challenge. Please try to prove me wrong on that front.) Instead of using the official release as a source, I would have been much happier to see ADM's fanedits used, which cut out a lot of the stupid. Instead, many of the things that bothered me about the prequels were present here and thus bothered me in this edit. I found myself constantly pulled out of the viewing experience and wishing that I could just watch Episode IV. Stylistically, the past feels like a different movie than the present, which is not the case of the inspiration, Godfather II. I repeat, this is not the fault of the editor (aside from the choice of source), but a fault with Episode II itself. It doesn't mesh well with original Star Wars, and I don't know of any way it would work.

Final verdict:
This edit is creative, and I really don't want to come down on Asteroid Man for the truly fantastic job he did to create this edition. My problems with the edit are probably nothing that he could have helped. He achieved the stated goal, so kudos on that, but the final product isn't something that holds my interest. Sorry, Asteroid Man. I feel really bad saying that, and now I'm going to go find something else you've done so I can praise it.
Well you won't find anything else... yet! Haha - that was my first one. Also, because it was my first one I knew I'd be making lots of mistakes, so I plan on revisiting this part later (and in HD) once I get my next few edits out the door!

Thanks for the constructive feedback!! I'll be sure to work harder on the audio too.
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