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BLUE SKIES ON MARS: A Total Recall Fanedit

Remixed by Jorge

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BLUE SKIES ON MARS: A Total Recall Fanedit by Jorge

What is it about? A chronological re-order of the entire film for a fresh new ride.
Original film name: TOTAL RECALL (1990)
Film studio name: Tri Star
Fan Edit Released: July 2010
Original Runtime: 113 mins.
New Runtime: 83 min
DVD - Features:
Menus 16.9
Scene Selection Menus
presented in 2:35:1
Audio: surround sound 5.1 mix (my first! i lost my dolby cherry)


Concept: It takes the briefest of glances at Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting career, which includes "Predator," "The Running Man," "Commando," "Twins" and "Red Heat,"
to realize that "Total Recall" ranks among his finest work. "Total Recall" is full of the musclebound action that Arnold's fans enjoy.
It also means that this Mars-bound movie is violent, nasty and expensive.
How violent? Try a bloody shootout on a Martian escalator between Arnold and armed goons, in which Arnold holds up the cadaver of a slain bystander
as a bullet shield; or savor the climactic fighting scene in which the musclebounder causes an adversary's forearms to be severed between a rising elevator and a rock ledge.
In the midst of all the gunfire, the bone-crunching and the Martian local color (a collection of latex-faced mutants), the producers try desperately to come up with that anthemic Arnold retort,
the sardonic (and of course, mispronounced) one-liner that will please the crowd. There are plenty of them.


But I kept wondering if there might be another film lurking in there. One less action oriented and more mind-altering fun.
So the attempt is to trim away the over the top action.
Gone is much of Michael Ironside's scenery-chewing Richter. he's still in the film but he's menacing in the background.
And since this film involves memories and perception of reality, what better way to really stir things up than with the good ol' mementomix.
So just as a reminder: color is the present and B/W is the future in backwards chronology.
Hope this fanedits creates a memory of a lifetime.

WARNING!!!: This fanedit is not for everyone. It's not intended as a "fix" but as a new 'ride'.
if you didn't enjoy the broken chronology of MEMENTO or thought THE DARK KNIGHT:Remixed by jorge didn't work
then I would suggest you skip this fanedit because it's more of the same.
Also, many enjoy the Over-the-top camp humor and action. That is also mostly gone in this fanedit.
Is anyone left? Well then you might enjoy this re-arranged, tone down version.
Don't say i didn't warn you.



Amount of time Cut/Added: the following are in fanedit order.
new opening scene
trimmed bedroom scene
trimmed breakfast scene
trimmed the caves scenes
benny doesn't get close ups that indicate he's a suspicious character.
trimmed the recall offices
trimmed dr edgemar scene
added some nice cam shake for the explosion
trimmed the catfight
deleted the chase on Mars; no shooting the glass, no golfcart chase in the tunnels
deleted the battle in the bar. also the sealing of venusville.
Added several volcanic mind-trips, courtesy of Kuato
trimmed the harry fight to make it faster
trimmed the last resort. no girl with 3 boobs.
trimmed phone booth man.
no Richter chasing Quaid on earth
no bag lady fighting Quaid for the case
trimmed front reception guy that kept looking at Quaid. that guy was just creepy
deleted jonny cab's explosion.
trimmed Quaid and Hauser at the warehouse
Eliminated hologram sound effect.
deleted the mars arrival and the exploding mask.
trimmed Quaid richter fight. no more ripped arms.
trimmed the explosion/depressurace scene
trimmed the mars atmosphere scene
new ending
many more trims to remember



UPDATE: Forgot to mention a very special thanks to THUNDERCLAP for holding my hand and guiding me through the entire 5.1 surround sound mix. Cheers! :smile:
Very exciting!
Can't wait!!! :smile:
Great Poster and Art work. Well Done Jorge, I really hope this a blockbuster!!! :)
congrats jorge, here is your prize:
isn't the quote "blue sky on mars" ? maybe that pluralization is intentional... of course will give this a go. diggin the old school coverart.
Got it. Am going to try and watch it this weekend.
I think the pluralization, "Blue Skies...", sounds better as a title than just "Blue Sky...", whatever the quotation. The former sounds like a forecast.

Congratulations on this release, Jorge! I shall watch it soon.

i am seriously looking forward to it :!: :!: :!:
Great selection of covers. I especially like the ones with the hands. It reminds me of those awesome Polish posters. :smile:

I think I'm doing ok bandwidth-wise so far this month, so I may start downloading immediately. Thanks, Jorge!

Update: Downloading now and man alive is Megaupload FAST! With RS, as a free user, I always got around 75-125 Kb/s during the night and around 30-50 Kb/s during peak hours. Right now, I'm averaging around 1.15 Mb/s! :grin: And the wait time between files is around 45 seconds.

Is that awesomeness because you got a nice premium package from them, Jorge? Did you splurge for the lifetime deal?
Ripplin said:
Is that awesomeness because you got a nice premium package from them, Jorge? Did you splurge for the lifetime deal?
The gods wanted you to have this now!
no premium. just regular freebie account.
Just finished downloading. Total time: 1 hour, 36 minutes! :shock: And it's early enough that I could watch it tonight.
If you get a free membership, the wait is only 25 seconds.
And yes, those speeds are normal for MU.

Mine downloaded in about the same time, as did all the others that I've got from MU.

That's why nearly everything I've uploaded has been upped to MU :eek:
Damn that was cool :D

I really liked the tranzitions from colour to black and white and back again, had to rewind a couple times cause it was used in the exactly the right spot that i was fooled where it happened :lol: . I get the feeling that this one gets better with repeated viewings. I had two Minor issues with this one, the first is i wish the opening logos were the same AR as the rest of the feature, and the second was around the ten minute mark when that fade comes in and quato's saying "open your mind", it seemed to fade too late (imo) as i could still see a bit from the next scene, but it didnt spoil the overall experience for me.

Great ending :lol: thats a real mind bender of an edit. Awesome job :D
Your works usually first class, so shall be downloading this asap.
This looks really fun ... im going to watch it as soon as i can

You really promoted this well ... ive been following the updates
Drat. Now I have to buy Total Recall.
For those that have seen it - is it worth buying TR for this edit? (I enjoy TR, but not enough to own and re-watch it. It's a "rent" not "own" for me.)
dangarratt said:
Drat. Now I have to buy Total Recall.
For those that have seen it - is it worth buying TR for this edit? (I enjoy TR, but not enough to own and re-watch it. It's a "rent" not "own" for me.)

I've seen the workprint of this, not the final yet, but I really enjoyed the hell out of what Jorge did here. I also own the DVD and was a fan of the original.

If you like Jorge's track record, then I think the answer is yes. Individual results may vary.
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