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The ARROWVERSE (Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends,etc)
and more Arrowverse news....

The crossover event CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS will be 5 episodes and spread over two weeks in December 2019 and January 2020.

"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
(05-16-2019, 09:19 AM)bionicbob Wrote: Cavanagh plays Thawne so deliciously evil and steals every second he is on screen, that it really doesn't bother me.  Plus, when done right, some villains work better for me when they do not have a definitive origin.  Probably why I have zero interest in the upcoming JOKER movie.

But... Matt Letscher... oh, never mind. If he's too busy with Narcos: Mexico, that's fine by me. Tongue
SUPERGIRL Season Four Finale "The Quest For Peace"

They did it!  Historically, after a strong season, the finale is usually Supergirl's weakest episode.  But not this year.  Supergirl has finally stuck to her landing!  Was it Olympic Gold?  Not quite, maybe Silver...  The story was too jammed packed this year, so some arcs got the short shrift like Agent Liberty, while others did not get enough time to breath or resonate to have the full impact they should have on the audience.  But the accelerated pace made for captivating fun, and yes the ending was tied up way too quickly and neatly, it was still a very satisfying watch.

...super thoughts...
--the Luthor clan got all the best moments
--loved how the producers acknowledged/resolved the age issue between Lex and his mother as the actors in real life are only a couple years in age apart lol
--Lex singing "I Did It My Way"; very fun scene Smile
--Brainy in Brainiac default factory setting is scary!!!  Luckily, true love rebooted him!
--oh poor President Sheridan... oops, BAKER, how far you have fallen.  I keep trying to imagine Brent Spiner in the role as originally cast
--Lex always the smartest man in the room, and always undone by his own arrogant ego.. pitch perfect!
--Dreamer and Manhunter willing to sacrifice themselves to save Superman's new homeworld of Argo City!  I thought this scene brought fitting closure to J'onn's muddled season character arc.
--wow, I know Lex is super smart, but how did he design the satellite to be able destroy Argo that is 100s light years away?  Never question comic book science!!! hee hee!
--while I do not want to say the producers made a racist sympathetic, they did do an excellent job making Lockwood as three dimensional as possible and I am happy they did not simply kill him off, that he can continue to be a threat in the future... much like real life sadly...
--the heart of this show is the Danvers sisters, great to have that dynamic back!!!
--as much as the producers are trying to ship them, Alex Danvers and Kelly Olson, the actresses have ZERO onscreen chemistry together and hopefully this gets dropped between seasons
--great fun fight scene...what was that song?
--"Yay Fourth Estate" -- a pure Supergirl moment if ever there was one.  If only the Real World was that simple and good, as the Truth seldom seems to set us free anymore.
--hhhmmmm.... Supergirl has SUPER SPEED, why didn't she TRY to catch the falling Lex...? ...as usual in these shows, and as in the comics themselves, plot overrides character
--Red Daughter.  The arc never quite went where I thought it might go, and the producers smartly kept it in reserve until the last third of the season instead of exhausting it early like they did with Reign last year, so while her realization of Lex's true nature and ultimate sacrifice was predictable, it also felt true to the character and the story.... nature wins out over nurture!
--Lex gets the last laugh and takes Lena fully to the Dark Side
--Wow!  One of the best/fun cliffhanger teasers I have seen in a very long time... 

The Supergirl finale was filled with predictable comic book tropes, but succeeds because it embraces them lovingly instead of trying to deconstruct them.  

The season as a whole was mostly well constructed, though as usual it seemed to struggle with what to do with Jimmy (though Brooks' PTSD episode was a powerful performance) and J'onn at times.  I know this show divides many people, (which is odd, since it's primary message has always been inclusion) feeling it is too heavy handed with it's political, gender and social commentary, but I applaud it.  It may not always succeed, but at least it tries to say and stand for something... and isn't that what Supergirl is supposed to be about? 

My rating:
SEASON FOUR:  8 out of 10.
SEASON 4 FINALE:  9 out of 10.
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
THE LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season Four Finale "Hey, World!"

Much like the finale plot, Legends as a series as a whole is like a circus.  It's three rings of writers and producers masterfully spin plates of action, juggle balls of drama and walk tightropes of comedy.  In a single episode, the tone can shift from heart pounding horror, to sentimental drama and to slapstick comedy.  It really should not work, but somehow it almost always does.   

This season was very similar in tone to season three, though I do not think it was as successful.  The comedy slipped off the tightrope quite a few times this year, going from acceptable ridiculous to face palm preposterous, even by Legends standards lol.
The flip side of this, the show was always unpredictable and surprising.

The finale was very entertaining, though there was a couple cringe worthy moments where I thought the show would crash and burn, but then it totally won me over with a musical number of all things!  Also, the fact the show stuck to its own rules, and a beloved team member was lost to a Timeline change and no one remembers was a bittersweet moment for the audience.

...legendary thoughts....
--a little Gary goes a loooooong way, and there was just too much for me this season... and Mona is not far behind lol
--Astra's backstory seems to be identical to the NBC series (but different young actress)
--Godzooky! lol
--Sara adamant she would not lose another Legend... a good moment, if not somewhat rushed
--Vandal Savage cameo was very funny, I swear Ray can makes friends with anybody lol
--the Monitor eating popcorn... hilarious
--Ray and Nate, the ultimate Bromance!
--Hell and the Soul Vault were very interesting, nice set up for next season.
--while I was not a fan of the whole Heyworld plot, and I am still not sure if they fully pulled it off (is a circus really the best way to educate people?), I must admit I smiled and laughed lots
--so I think this was the only episode this year where a couple of the Legends actually suited up?
--some funny commentary about super hero franchises
--Nora Darhk in that Fairy Godmother outfit...lol
--Brandon Routh plays delicious evil very, very well
--ok, the whole Nate and Ghost Dad gave me the Feels
--the music of James Taylor saves the world!!!!

My Rating:
Season Four 8/10
Season Finale 7.5/10

"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.

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