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I approve of this adaptation.  I look forward to your interpretation.
Flashback to lisa tossing mark into a trashcan.
Mike approaches, fe****ing a gun.
Lisa: you are such a manipulative baby, mark.
Mike takes a bite.
Mark gets angry and ineffectively tries to get himself up.
Mark: you devil denny!
Lisa laughs.
Lisa: denny turned me crazy like everybody johnny wanted.
Mike puts the gun down.
Mark exits to talk to lisa ( she rips open his mind )
lisa ( attacking mark ): about that. Johnny really loved me. Lisa also need financial security while mark tossing the football around. Denny even giving me everything.
Mike opens some secret shop at the floor and he finally manages to get out.
Mark: how about johnny? Why did you bring someone else to bed? Johnny wanted to adopt honest with you!
Lisa picks up the stuff and shatters mark ( mark is going to be okay )
mark: i can?t! I heard it. I need to see! Lisa! This isn?t about pesto! Johnny fight denny!
Lisa ( laughing ): i know better. Denny answers and lisa loves the hell.

flashback over.
Mark: well that?s over. Sometimes they just have to finish.
Chris: can you be kidding me? Why is this happening? Lisa is flirting with jail and rose johnny? What are you trying to tell me?
Mark: denny answers to the hell. Denny barely inside and lisa is everywhere. Johnny is walking throughout this world. Johnny is walking throughout this year. Thanks to johnny descending the golden place, denny can give complicated situation. Denny joins play cards for god's.
Chris: yeah man. Maybe i didn?t listening?
Mark sighs.

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