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And then we cut to some random building at night.
Claudette enters in time to see michelle and mike sleeping.
Claudette: homework my f***ing finger!
Mike takes a broom and hurls it over claudette.
Mike: what are you doing here? Claudette, this is my house!
Claudette exits downstairs confuse.
Claudette enters.

Claudette: what are these characters doing here?
Michelle looks pained.
 Michelle: what is going on? Claudette, come on! ( laughing ) stop it!
Claudette: oh god. Denny even confused me. Ahhh to help me crazy! ( incomprehensible ]: why didn’t johnny fight against mind of the hell?

Lisa approaches behind claudette and then proceeds to help her to go home.
Lisa: don’t you think you should leave? Both of you - humps about for me, hunh?
They make love with lisa and claudette seeing.
Lisa and claudette exit.

Cut to that better place, it’s the football shop.
Susan: real tricky night?
Steven: yeah babe i just needed ta deal with it.
Susan brings out all the angel rings.
Susan: denny turned on the lights to find johnny, but now he emerges from time to get involved with a different terrible night.

Steven is not talking.

Steven: i dunno what you mean.
Peter enters and then proceeds to stare.
Steven is not talking.
Steven: this is just getting worse.
Peter: you’re me.
Steven: no! I am you!
Everyone laughs hysterically. They shake hands.
Peter: look at you - if you want to dump, you can drop it anytime.
Steven: i feel like i am going.
They run to the bathroom.
Susan: you’re the psychological impact of what happened to johnny...
She rips open a football and tediously installs a primitive tape recorder.
Susan: catch you guys later.
This algorithm has really taken things in a... direction.

What they mean, i guess you know.

Cut to an alleyway shot.
Chris is sitting on an atomic bomb!
Chris: i can’t... Please don’t denny. It’s a deviation from the golden air.
Denny answers enthusiastically.
Denny: i swear to god, it’s about time somebody ganged up on you. Goodnight.
Denny takes the baby and exits.
Chris: well maybe johnny and mark dying ensues?
Denny materializes behind this creep.
Denny: johnny is approaching?! Cut!
Cut to later.

Chris is sitting on a chocolate car pulling onto a residential street.
Chris: what happened? Remember just being about to... Everything’s wrong. Denny turned me about. Denny answers to the other end of the hell.

Chris is safe, but somehow this leads to a bigger stuff.
Cut to his ass ( he is not wearing a lot )
chris: you devil, denny. 555 years ago denny turned eighteen. Half canadian, but somehow about halfway down onto the hell. I suppose even handsome people are a**holes. Men are changing. Lisa’s some symbol. I have to grow some drugs, but somehow i get my girl. Nobody else will.

Cut to panning shot of time.
Flashback to johnny and peter.
Johnny: you’re what they say: a mistake.
Peter shoves denny and ineffectively tries to push him off the earth. Denny materializes behind johnny.
Johnny: well maybe i know more than you think about everything.
Peter tries a little bit of pineapple.
Johnny: ha yeah. Denny do you have something else to do?
Denny is dribbling a football.
Denny: come back later.
Johnny exits. Peter also exits. Steven enters.
Steven: this is my house?
It is not.
Denny: yeah hi. Peter.
Steven: i agree. I am. Peter.
Steven is very secure.
Denny takes off his shirt and shatters a mirror. There’s a lot of water and he finally manages to dress himself again.

Cut to lisa reemerging from the movie!

Lisa: what’s going on here? The hell? This is very strange. Lisa enters the room.


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