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X-Men: Days of Future Past - A Dugnutt Edit

Bobson Dugnutt

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stferguson78 said:
Love the sound of this Bobson, very much a best of both worlds version of the movie’s two cuts. I’ll PM you

I'll shoot you off a PM shortly. 

In the meantime, in the intrest of deleted scenes, I wouldn't include any of the ones from the intial Blu-Ray, except this little piece I found in the Gag Reel. Before Wolverine attacks the mob guys, he says "peaceful thoughts", so that the scene is bookended with the phrase. I restored this ages ago for an extended workprint of the film. Does anyone want to see this little piece back in this cut?

Here's what the clip looked and sounded like in the gag reel, versus my restoration of the scene.



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Having just watched this edit, I think it works very well and gives the perfect blend of the theatrical cut, the extended cut and the rogue cut- producing the optimum version possible. As we have all come to expect with Bobson’s top level work, the extra footage is integrated perfectly (at least to my untrained eye). I don’t think the additional think peaceful thoughts line would really add anything. The only additional change that comes to mind is the train scene in which magneto inserts metal into the sentinels- the cgi is very poor & video game like so perhaps a trim here after magneto lands on the train roof and leave the audience with a bit of mystery going into the finale.
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