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Superhero Movie - The Full Hourglass

Bobson Dugnutt

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Does anyone even remember this movie? A pretty good parody film with Drake Bell, Leslie Neilson, Christopher McDonald, Jeffery Tambour, Robert Hays, Brent Spiner, Kevin Hart and many others.

There are so many deleted scenes from a few releases that I felt should go back into the film. Big thanks to @"Jrzag42" for bringing this to my attention.

The theatrical cut of the film barely makes it to 67 minutes before padding the credits of the film with deleted scenes and other bits. There is also an extended cut of the film that adds back about 10 minutes of stuff, but there is still more to go back in.

The standard DVD includes 20 something scenes, while a Blockbuster Exclusive DVD boasts another 3 extra scenes. Naturally, I've tried to add back as much as I could, but there are a few bits that have been left out for being a little subpar, including an alternate ending.

The German Blu-Ray was the base of this edit, with all the SD scenes being upscaled to HD quality and further colour corrected to match. Some scenes however were included in HD during the Theatrical Cut credits, so they are included here in native HD.

Here's a look at some upscaling examples







Not 100% perfect, but it goes with the HD film amazingly well.

- added Strom talking about Landers' prize winning invention during the school trip
- added extended scene of Rick stumbling around the house sick
- added the board members establishing an offical board meeting
- added extended unveiling of the Total Cure
- added extended version of Landers being strapped in the chair
- replaced Rick breakdancing on the wall with him doing some sit-ups instead
- rescored previous scene with Spider-Man (2002) OST "New Powers"
- added Trey and Uncle Albert asking about Rick's powers
- added extended conversation in the backyard about Jill's career ambitions
- added extended discussion in the car outside the bank about the loan
- added the banker discussing collateral with a loan
- added extended scene with Uncle Albert becoming delarious after being shot
- added extended costume designing montage
- added extended hero montage, replacing the cut down theatrical version
- rescored previous scene with Spider-Man (2002) OST Tracks "City Stinger 2", "Hint, Trouble, Kiss" and "City Montage"
- cut entire scene with Human Torch to allow for new transition into Landers' scene
- added extended scene of Rick seeing that the local paper wants a photogrpaher
- added extended scene of the papers' Crazy Editor and his rants
- added Rick suiting up before going to fight the Hourglass
- added extended scene of the Hourglass threatening the cops, as well as Dragonfly entering to challenge him
- rescored previous scene with Spider-Man (2002) OST "Enter the Goblin"
- added extended scene of the Dragonfly attempting to kiss Jill
- added alternate ending to Alley kiss scene
- added extended scene of Landers on his computer, trying to plan his Death Machine
- added extra gag during Turkey stuffing
- added extra gag while Rick hides from Landers
- added Rick needing to ID his Aunt's body
- added alternate scene of Dr Jeffrey Tambour telling Rick to take it easy with his uncle
- added extended funeral scene
- added extended scene with Rick and Landers backstage
- added Dragonfly getting distracted during the final battle
- added post credits scene

Runtime (before credits)
Theatrical Cut - 1:06:52
Official Extended Cut - 1:17:16
The Full Hourglass - 1:24:05

There's another 11 extra minutes of stuff I didn't use or couldn't so I'll chuck them in the bonus features folder.


The Scribbling Man

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hey i sent you a message i know this post is for other project but i was wondering i you coud share a link to watch your cut of spiderman 3 enemy within

Please do not ask for links publicly. See our rules.
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