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I find it interesting that the author seems to have fallen into the same sort of confirmation bias that he originally set out to write about.

I don't know about that, but does it really matter? Either Doerr was Z or he wasn't, so, unless we theorize that Kobek is misrepresenting his findings (due to confirmation bias or otherwise), and/or have the time to double-check said findings, Kobek's mindset is kinda irrelevant, IMO.

Now, consider the horrific story Doerr's daughter recounted in the LA Magazine article. I see only three possibilities:

1) Doerr's daughter made the story up (or told a partly true story) that she accidentally set on the night of Zodiac's first confirmed murders - this is so improbable we can summarily dismiss it, IMO.

2) Doerr's daughter invented a story (or deliberately altered a true story) set on that fateful night, but didn't point said detail out, trusting that Kobek would connect the dots on his own - this is more plausible, but to what end? It would seem out of character with everything else we know about her.

The only other possibility, then, is:

3) The story is true, and Doerr monstroustly assaulted his daughter for supposed promiscuity, causing her to flee their house, on the same night that Z went to a nearby young lover's lane spot and committed his first confirmed (double) murder.

If that is indeed the case, given all the other circumstantial evidence Kobek assembled about Doerr - that he loved ciphers, that he was a hunter who owned lots of weapons, that he wrote numerous letters to newspapers, was a prolific zine contributor who wrote extensively about local and notorious crimes (but never once mentioned Z), that he was in a frigid marriage to a woman who kept a very different schedule, etc., etc. - what are the odds that all this is accurate, but coincidental, and that Doerr and Z were two different men? I'm all for healthy skepticism, but this is too overwhelming, IMO, to not come to the conclusion, unless proven otherwise (and may we always keep open minds, of course, and evaluate every argument/new piece of evidence fairly), that Kobek indeed stumbled onto the truth.

My two cents. :)


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Does anyone else have a hard time explaining fan edits to friends / colleagues outside of fan editing communities?
Before seeing Halloween Ends in theaters, I watched Bobson Dugnutt's Halloween: The TV Terror Cut and Ryantology's Halloween II: The Return of Michael Myers. Watching Ends afterward made it feel like the perfect trilogy capper and I totally loved it. So I told the friend I was seeing Ends with about how Ryantology had edited the 2018 film and Kills into a single movie that felt like a totally cohesive film... And their response was along the lines of "but couldn't you just watch both movies separately?"
Sure... I could. But how cool is the art of fan editing!?
"Do people make money for their edits?"
No... but the community is really cool and supportive, and it's fun getting to share your "art" with people who appreciate it...

Similarly, in the last year I've had several conversations where I've brought up fan edits that I feel are superior to the original versions. Wakeupkeo's Eternal's - Apostasy Cut and Bird's of Prey - Chronological Cut are the only versions of those two respective films that I ever want to watch. I recently had a friend gripe about how bad Eternal's was, to which I responded "I saw a fan edit that was pretty great. Restructuring some scenes really savesdit!" They brushed it off and didn't care at all.

Even when the recent Kenobi fan edit was going viral, I watched it and told a friend who had abandoned the series after 4 episodes that he should check out the fan edited feature version instead. He said he didn't care to because the show had already lost him and "a fan edit won't save it for me." Yet, I find that fan edits frequently save bad films! That is often times the entire point!

I guess it just takes a specific kind of film geek to really appreciate the art of fan editing?


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Most of the people don't care and are not interested.
Only if I show them extended edition of the movie they like, they may be interested, but it feels like it's better to pretend this is an official version.

And I think this post should not be put into "off-topic" part of the forum.
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