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Once upon a time in Mexico-Grindhouse cut


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And as a follow up on my Desperado cut I will also do Once upon a time in Mexico.
it's a reconstructed and higher paced version of the film.

Some changes are
-Salma Hayek is not longer a flashback as I have put all her scenes in the beginning.
-Barillo and Billy ( Willem Dafoe, Mickey Rourke) are introduced later and some of their scenes have been cut.
-Ajedrez (Eva Mendez) is also introduced later and becomes more mysterious
-The FBI agent has a smaller part and he's just a retired agent and his back story is removed.
He never meets Sands (Johnny Depp) as they only communicate on the phone.

Original Running time: 102min
Fanedit: 81min
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Hi, where can I get this? I would love to watch, Thank you!
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