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Movies That Never Should Have Had A Sequel

TV's Frink

Staff Member
Solo was awesome and I won't hear dissenting opinions on it.

(I would have liked to see the alternate universe Solo too, though)


Staff Member
TVs Mountbatten-Windsor said:
TM2YC said:
Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo

But....it didn't....

Rappin' aka Breakdance 3: Electric Boogalee



Cannon also made an ill-advised Bollywood based sequel...

Bhangra 4: Electric Bangalore

...and a terrible prequel set in the 1950s...

Shakin' 5: Electric Boogie Jive

Those last two are pretty obscure though (I think I might have imagined them :D ).


Well-known member
The Scorpion King.
and each subsequent sequel after it.
which there are 4.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo 2; European Gigolo.
i haven't let myself watch this.


Well-known member
DigModiFicaTion said:
How about The Mummy

You take that back; The Mummy '99 is one of the most sequel-able movies of all time! Fraser, Weisz, and Hannah at the peak of their powers, in the Roaring 20s? Hell, yes! :p The "Bembridge Scholars" Evelyn kept mentioning in the first one should have turned out to be a SHIELD-type secret adventurers club for investigators of the ancient and occult. Had they just not rehashed Imhotep and brought in a kid immediately (though I rather like Alex in Returns), they'd have been off to a great start.


Well-known member
Most horror movies. 
The Exorcist
The Omen 
The Ring
The Conjuring (although I've heard the sequel is actually okay)
The Last Exorcism


Well-known member
I'm on the fence on whether Friday the 13th should've had no sequels, no sequels after The Final Chapter, or no sequels after A New Beginning. Any way you slice it, Zombie Jason made the franchise as undead as its star.
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