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Movies That Never Should Have Had A Sequel


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I guess for me there's an important distinction between "should never have HAD a sequel" and "had a bad sequel". Like, I think the world of TRON is a rich one and a good sequel could be made for it. So even though it had a bad sequel, I wouldn't suggest it for this list.
I would agree, Tron: Uprising wasn't the greatest production, but what do you expect from a TV show? At least we got a good sequel in Tron: Legacy :p


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As far as movies that could've used a better sequel, I gotta mention Hellraiser 2. The first two are perfect, and I actually really enjoy most of the sequels, but I think ideally they should've gone in a different direction after 2. Introduce a new cast of cenobites, completely do away with Lead Cenobite, have it be completely disconnected from what came before, and just do something new. But alas, they had to have an iconic recurring mascot, and be more like other horror movies of the time, and blah blah blah. Hellraiser 3 sux. I mean maybe a big Nightmare on Elm Street fan might get more out of it. Who knows if 3 went in a different direction, if it'd be like Halloween 3 where the next film reverted back to familiar territory, or if it'd continue to spawn unique films.


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Most sequels are unnecessary, but for me the biggest offenders are...

Next Friday & The Friday After Next (& the upcoming Last Friday)
The Fly II
Caddyshack II
The Hangover Part II
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
Taken 2 & Taken 3
Weekend At Bernie's II
Son of the Mask
Every one of these are spot on except hangover part 2 (kinda). I hated the movie and the reused concept that seemed to be forced from the first success but i loved 3 and if the didn’t do hangover 2 there wouldn’t be part 3


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Toy Story 4 doesn't really justify its own existence - it's not a bad film, but it leaves the series with a less satisfying and complete ending than the one the third film left it with.

I guess the same could be said about the newer Star Wars films - ROTJ always felt like a perfect ending for me, so for TLJ to essentially reset the status quo personally came across as bad storytelling.

I always believed Blade Runner should never get a sequel, but then I very willingly ate my hat when I was proven wrong...
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