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Anakin & Padme's Honeymoon on Naboo


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A short edit comprised almost entirely from scenes and deleted scenes on Naboo. This is intended as a companion piece to my Attack of the Clones No Naboo Cut

I thought it would be interesting to use the material I cut from my No Naboo Cut to tell a story of their returning to Naboo and getting married after the events of AOTC. This allows for the retaining of all the Naboo romance, backstory and character development but presents it in a new context.

The Narrative differes from AOTC in that the story takes place after the Clone Wars have begun and Anakin and Padme have already fallen in love.


Changes from the original scenes:
The arrival on Naboo deleted/extended scene replaces the theatrical version.
When talking to the Queen there is no discussion about whether the senate will vote to create an army and if that could lead to civil war as the war has already begun and the senate has already voted to create the clone army.
When having a meal with Padme's family Anakin does not tell them that she is in danger.
When Padme's mother referes to Anakin as Padme's boyfriend, Padme response that she and Anakin are just friends is a lie to keep their relationship a secret.
Padme no longer breaks off the kiss with Anakin.
When Anakin wakes from his nightmare Padme is in the bed beside him.
His nightmare is now shown. We see his mother die in his arms and then he kills the Tuskens.
When Padme asks about his nightmare he now says about his mother "Why did she have to die? why couldnt I save her? I know I could have."
The dream plays out as a memory of what happened rather than a vision of the future. There is no discussion about going to Tatoine to rescue his mother.
The dinner scene now has no dialogue.
The scene where Anakin confesses his love for Padme at the fireside is not included. It is already in my No Naboo cut.


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