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the good tools --> for video editing
All good editing applications are non-linear. (Except possibly VirtualDub, which isn't really an editing application, but more of a conversion and effects tool).

VSDC looks a lot better than most of the crap out there, but the sad fact is that there's no good and free Windows non-linear editor. OpenShot will probably take the throne once it's released on Windows in a month or two, but it's not out yet. (For the moment it's Linux-only.)
Yeah I guess your right, but VSDC is strange, as it puts every video on it's own lane. I'm not liking the thought of scrolling up and down to find the right clip, and then to sync the hole mess. Also I get my mind blown every time I try to use it when I have to come to terms with the reality that there indeed is no play button on the main grid, that you have to push the preveiw movie button, what alien design is that.

I will be looking into getting some real software some day though, my old software won't work on Win7 :*(
Big sale on Adobe CC for some regions. US not included, some European users may be able to take advantage
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