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You Expecting Someone?



okay sharpen up people, there's a duck coming to town and it ain't Howard...

You Expecting Someone?
aka Do I Have Your Attention? aka Devo La Vostra Attenzione? aka Aspetta Qualcuno? aka YES

Tagline: long before PSYCHO there was another

[from press release]
Due to its groundbreaking special effects and controversial plot (forty years ahead of its time) the grandfather of all slasher films DEVO LA VOSTRA ATTENZIONE? (1943) created such a moral panic upon its initial release that the film was pulled from theaters and all prints were ordered to be destroyed (which was quite a shock for investors considering that it was the most expensive film ever made in Italy at that time)

In 1989 a print of DEVO LA VOSTRA ATTENZIONE? was discovered among a private film collection in California. It is believed that the found print was bought by an American film distributor before the film was ordered to be erased out of history back in Europe. But the film’s growing notoriety as the outlaw of movies made the distributor put the release date on hold, and years later the film print simply vanished.

In late 1989, under the supervision of the film’s director, Italian Filmmaker Spiaggia Montagna, a restoration of the film began* with a planned release date sometime in 1991. But that release date was soon canceled when Mr. Montagna died in early 1990.

*Mr. Montana insisted that all spoken lines should be dubbed into American, a decision that one might consider strange but Mr. Montagna believed that the film was more American than Italian and also he wanted to honor the Americans who made his film survive the fascism of Europe. He also wanted to go with a different title (he sometimes called his film ASPETTA QUALCUNO?)

Now, 70 years after it was completed, we are proud to present a restored version of the old, long forgotten masterpiece DEVO LA VOSTRA ATTENZIONE? now re-titled YOU EXPECTING SOMONE? (the last wish of a dying man)

In Loving Memory of Spiaggia Montagna 1896-1990

Due to age, the film print was heavily damaged and ironically one could say; butchered.
The best equipment in the world has been used to painstakingly restore the film to its original look without altering the picture, i.e. DNR it to hell. The process has taken longer than planned but now finally it’s here, "The most brutal and mean spirited movie ever released"

Original Movie Title: The New York Ripper
Genre: Horror
Fanedit Type: FanMix
Original Release Date: 1982
Original Running Time: 93
Fanedit Release Date: May 2013
Fanedit Running Time (Min): 81
Time Cut (Min): 16
Time Added (Min): 4

I love old black&white horror movies from the twenties-thirties-forties, what I’ve created is meant to be the nastiest and meanest movie from that era. So mean spirited and brutal actually that it hasn’t even been released until now.

Cuts and Additions: NA

Special Thanks:

Captain Khajiit
-for helping me convert this to that

-for being “the voice”

Frantic Canadian/Neglify
-for finding the perfect cat

- for inspiring me to make this edit

and last but not least, a very special thanks in advance to all newcomers for not sending me any PM

password: fanedit
Wow the top trailer is properly scary! Horror movies don't usually have any effect on me (Aside from the monkey-nazis jumping out and killing Jenny Agutter in American Werewolf... I aged several years when I first saw that) but even this teaser had me wincing and gasping. I think it's the cat noises that do it for me, really unnerving.

I noticed...

"A very special thanks in advance to all newcomers for not sending me any PM"

Perhaps you could PM me, because I gotta see this lost classic.
In trailer #1 "Long before Psycho there where another". :doh:

Looks good though, good job! Congrats!
altoiddealer said:
In trailer #1 "Long before Psycho there where another". :doh:

yeah I know, Tranzor mentioned that while it was IN-THE-WORKS, just never updated the online version (maybe I should have) the trailer featured on the dvd have the line corrected "long before Psycho there was another"

StopMe said:
I noticed...

"A very special thanks in advance to all newcomers for not sending me any PM"

Perhaps you could PM me, because I gotta see this lost classic.

last week I have gotten a lot of PMs asking me for download links for this and that edit, all members with 1 or 0 posts.
and its all hit and run, cause I never hear from them again, not even a "thanks!" thinking about it now, maybe I should erase that line...anyway PM sent ;-)
Review left on IFDB.

And dude, that was a great trailer on the DVD. Is it for reals?
Thanks for the reviews Tranzor and Neglify! I'm glad you liked the fanedit! But even more; I'm glad you reviewed it =)

You Expecting Someone being a movie from the 40s makes no sense if you look what's in the film. It's all 80s (maybe 70s) and there was no way to replace the cars with stock footage. I wanted to make a b&w movie out of New York Ripper and have an excuse for doing so. So the backstory became sort of a joke and...yeah just look at Interview then you'll see how serious I (and Tranzor) take this, lol. "we're build these huge gigantic sets and what our quote on quote hired scientists say are cars of the future. who knows they might even get it right."

The preview is a joke. I got the idea watching Halloween 3 a couple of month ago and wanted to do something with it, and I was to late for a April 1st release (you snuffed everyone out with what you released anyway....)
This is one of THE BEST fanedits I've seen in a while and TOTALLY deserves The Fanedit of the Month Award (Sorry NJVC). I absolutely love the look, the backstory, the trailers, and
The new score for Kitty's death. It made it very, very emotional

You're a fantastic storyteller and faneditor. It's good to see more and more people on here doing horror edits like this. Beautiful, gorgeous, 10 stars!
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