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Week of July 31, 2022 – New Fanedits


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There are three new edits this week.

Star Wars: End of Skywalker by Inlucent

The Star Wars sequel trilogy, reimagined. A darker, more focused tale and a definitive end to the Skywalker saga.

Peter Pan (Tinkered Edition) by DigModiFicaTion

I love the character of Peter Pan, but I can't in good conscience watch this movie with my kiddos without skipping all of the scenes with the Neverland Indians beyond Tigerlily's rescue.

The Rage of Cage by Dawnrazor

This Edit combines seven Nicolas Cage films into one strange nightmarish journey!

(This article has been updated to include "The Rage of Cage" as it was accidentally excluded from the original post.)

(read full article...)
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