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Week of February 22nd, 2021 - New Fanedits

The Scribbling Man

Staff Member
We have one new edit from lapis molari this week:


A View To A Kill: Moore's Final Chase
A View to a Kill - Moore's Final Chase cuts the bloat, the cheap laughs, and much screaming. No Beach Boys, gratuitous sex, or shower scene. The springboard atop the Eiffel Tower is erased. The fire truck chase is trimmed.

And three from Q2:


The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey Q2 Edition


The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug Q2 Edition


The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies Q2 Edition
Sourced from the recently released 4k UHD Blu-Ray extended editions, this edit is fairly light. I love the epic feel of the LOTR movies, I just didn't appreciate Peter Jackson harnessing his inner Lucas by going Star Wars Prequels on these films.
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