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Week of August 28, 2022 – New Fanedits


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This week we have 8 new edits.

Love and Monsters: Extended by MusicEd921

A little more love and a little more monsters...

Crystal Lake Memories: The Friday the 13th Compendium by Ray Danger

The essential Friday the 13th documentary.

Sonic The Hedgehog: The Live And Learn Cut by Kikanator96

The idea of this fan edit is to combine both movies into one action packed fast paced Sonic Adventure that focuses on him becoming a true hero and finding friends and family along the way!

21 Jump Street: Jump Harder by Bobson Dugnutt

Jump back on Jump Street! An all new and longer extended cut of Lord and Miller's reboot of the classic TV series!

The Living Daylights: Death to Spies by OlivusPrime

Living on the edge. It's the only way he lives.

Red Dwarf: Present from the Future by Cero

The Boys from the Dwarf are about to meet themselves from the future. Three million years earlier, they're about to do it again.

A Star is Re-Born: Reconstructed 1954 Roadshow Version HD by Wraith

A Star is Born as close to the Roadshow Incarnation possible with NO STILLS!

Paranoia (A Truman Show Fanedit) by Paulisdead2221

This is a fanmix of Peter Weir's classic The Truman Show, reimagined as a psychological thriller in the style of Hitchcock/Lynch, viewed exclusively through Truman's perspective.

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