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Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds - Part I:


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Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds - Part I:

I rewatched this fanedit and realized that I failed to leave a review the first time around. Sorry Q2!

This really is an achievement. Somehow, Q2 has cut a third out of the show, and yet it still feels like what I loved about the original season. Slow, methodical and taking its sweet time in any given scene. I still have that feeling, but a lot has been excised. The choice of what to cut was spot on, I don't think there are any narrative issues with the main plots due to cuts. These edits manage to retain the pacing I loved but tell the story more efficiently. There are some minor nitpicks (the "between two worlds" font height, would like an intro to Ben a bit earlier, would like to see Steven being shitty before the hotel scene, ummmmm. I think that's all) but nothing that brings down my enjoyment. Here are some things that I loved:
- Insert of Laura in part 1
- Placement of log lady scenes in general
- Two ending scenes in part 1 are perfect
- Repurposing of Blunted Beatz
- Placement of the two 'thumbs up's
- Part 2 ends wonderfully - the Coop(ish) hero moment and then evil getting loose then bang, credits
- Placement of scene where Bobby sees Laura's picture - that scene will get me every time
- Flow of Mr C/Ray plotline
- The balance between the "real world" and the surreal interdimensional stuff felt just right for me
- The use of episode 1 and 8 footage in the final part 5 is inspired. I like how it made some of the connections more clear and played well together

Overall this is a fantastic way of experiencing the Return, a worthy alternative experience. It is of course on my shelf like all of Q2's David Lynch fanedits.

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