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Trailer Park Boy The Bigger & Dirtier Greasy Horrorshow Edit


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tagline: Big Plans, Little Brains
original film name: Trailer Park Boys
new film name : Trailer Park Boy The Bigger & Dirtier Greasy Horrorshow Edition
film studio name : DreamWorks SKG, Montecito Picture Company, Trailer Park Productions
edit crew name : stomachworm
Date Original Film Was Released : October 6, 2006
Date Edit Was Released : August 25, 2008
Original Runtime : 94 minutes
New Runtime : 124 minutes
Amount of time Added : 30 minutes
Cuts removed/added/extended :

* - Removed only small trims for continuity (no scenes were cut)
* - Extended Opening (Ricky on phone)
* - Added Ricky & Lucy on lapdances
* - Extended Donny & Ricky in jail
* - Extended Donny releasing Ricky & Julian from prison (more Cadillac)
* - Added Trevor & Cory on suprising Ricky & Julian
* - Added Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Cory, Trevor & Ray at gas station
* - Added Bubbles on Lahey & liquor
* - Added Lucy & Sarah on "gay"
* - Extended strip club exit
* - Extended Ricky in his car with Bubbles' cats
* - Added Ricky explaining what's wrong with kids
* - Added Barb, Lahey, Randy and Ted (the cop) - Lahey's phone call
* - Added Bubbles, Ricky, Julian, Cory & Trevor at breakfast
* - Added Ricky & Trinity "adapter"
* - Added Cory & Trevor training
* - Added Lahey harrasses J-Roc
* - Added Bubbles with kitties
* - Added 2 scenes of Ricky & Julian with J-Roc & T
* - Added Bubbles cock confession
* - Added Bubbles on engagement party
* - Added 2 scenes of Bubbles & J-Roc at party (Nomasayin & shithawks)
* - Extended Bubbles destroyed shed
* - Extended "The Big Dirty"
* - Added (3 Scenes) Ricky, Julian & Bubbles steal Lahey's wall safe and evict him and Randy
* - Added Bubbles in Lahey's trailer
* - Replaced metal song during Lucy's wedding arrival montage with "Can't Help Loving That Man Of Mine" by Gling Glo.
* - Added J-Roc & T wedding music
* - Added/trimmed Mr. Lahey & Randy upside down

Fanedit details : SL NTSC DVD, no menus
Your intention for this fanedit: To extend TPB to it's full length
Your way to achieve your intention: Add all deleted scenes back in.
Hardware and software information:

* - Vista based HP pc , dual AMD processors, 1 gig of RAM, etc.
* - DVDFab to rip
* - Cyberlink Power Director to edit
* - DVDFab to shrink it by 3mb to fit on SL disc

Additional Comment: Smoke some hash, eat some chicken fingers, rock some beers and enjoy.
Time needed for the edition: 10 hours
persons involved: stomachworm

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