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The Other Guys - The Peacock Cut


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(I added the Peacock and the text)

Have you ever seen The Other Guys and thought to yourself:

"Wow, that movie has SO MUCH POTENTIAL to be a really, really good buddy cop movie but it's bogged down by:
  • truly terrible jokes that were clearly ad-libbed on the spot
  • racism, homophobia, and misogyny from our "loveable" main characters
  • unrealistic action in an otherwise realistic world (don't worry, I left Danson and Highsmith alone)
  • wildly fluctuating levels of intelligence for the main characters
If you have had any of these thoughts (or even if you haven't) then I think you'll really like this edit!

I wanted to make this into the "buddy cop movie set against the Ponzi schemes of the 2000's" that it was meant to be, and I believe I have.
Allen and Terry's relationship now grows slowly but surely, coming to rely on each other as partners at an even pace.
Many of the extreme jokes are gone, the characters act more like normal people, and they're actually good men we can root for.

SHORTENED: Allen's speech about Tuna
REMOVED: Terry kicking things over
REMOVED: Voiceover at funeral
REMOVED: Allen talking badly about Sheila
REMOVED: Allen talking badly about Sheila
REMOVED: Allen and Sheila talking about having sex
REMOVED: Sheila asking Terry about Francine
REMOVED: Many of the bad things that happened to the Prius
REMOVED: Christineth and Hal yelling at Terry
REMOVED: Christineth playing with Allen's face
REMOVED: Hal talking about being a Dog/Bear
REMOVED: Hal yelling "make love to my wife"
REMOVED: Christineth and Hal chasing them down
REMOVED: Terry saying he has to go see Francine
REARRANGED: Terry throwing the mug out the window
REMOVED: Terry yelling in Allen's face
REMOVED: Allen and Terry yelling about Star Wars
REMOVED: Allen's backstory as Gator
REMOVED: Allen going insane in Ershon's office
REMOVED: Allen and Terry being shipped to Vegas
REMOVED: Terry's racist and homophobic ballet visit
REMOVED: Allen's argument with Sheila due to Gator references
REMOVED: Allen and Terry talking at the docks
REMOVED: Allen and Terry drinking montage
REMOVED: Allen saying he's hungover
REMOVED: Discussing the Federal Reserve with the clerk
REMOVED: Terry yelling about the Federal Reserve
SHORTENED: Allen yelling at Terry
REMOVED: Allen saying "Oh look, he's flying." and blowing his whistle
REMOVED: Terry telling Allen he's a terrible partner
REMOVED: Allen getting his gun back from the Captain
REMOVED: Terry talking about pee
REMOVED: Allen threatening to shoot Terry
REMOVED: The end of Allen and Terry's conversation
REMOVED: The Captain's inspirational speech (small audio bump?)
REMOVED: Allen saying he has to go make up with Sheila
REMOVED: Terry's dinner with Francine, Allen making love to Sheila
REMOVED: Allen yelling about Gator
REMOVED: Helicopter / driving range scene
REMOVED: Pulling up to bank in destroyed Prius
REMOVED: Terry and Francine getting married
REMOVED: Creepy, homeless Derek Jeter scene
REMOVED: Allen and Terry eating Chinese food

Original Runtime: 117 mins
Edited Runtime: 85 mins
Time Cut: 32 mins
Time Added: 0 mins

It's already done, I'm submitting it now.
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