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The Matrix Rivals by CTRTL

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What kind of fanedit: TF

Tagline: One against the world.

Original film name: The Matrix Revolutions
New film name : The Matrix Rivals
Film studio name : Warner Brothers
Edit crew name : CTRTL
Date Original Film Was Released : 2004
Date Edit Was Released : 2009
Original Runtime : 129 minutes
New Runtime : 94 Minutes
Amount of time Cut/Added : 35 min cut

Cuts removed/added/extended : There are a total of 105 cuts.

  • Shortened the dialog with the oracle, trin, and morph on first meeting
    Shortened the train station scene and the programs speaking of love
    Shortened mervs club scene
    Cut awkward unnecessary dialog
    Cut trins emotional speech to neo before they take the logos
    Rearranged the scenes with Neo & Trin going to the machine city
    Shortened capt mafune speach to apu crew
    Rearanged a couple of the logos scenes in the maintenance lines to keep the momentum going
    Shortened the dock battle
    Shortened mafune death scene
    Cut the kids motivational self talk while working APU
    Cut Link and his wife scene after logos saves the dock
    Cut counsel meetings after dock battle
    Shortened and cut alot of Neo & trin final goodbye scene
    A few cuts during the final fight between smith and Neo to make it seem like Smith had never seen it before.
    Cut out seraph asking oracle if she knew and her reply.
    Cut the kid screaming "he did it" to zion in the caves

Fanedit details :
  • DVD has moving menus with scene selection menus.
    Aspect ratio: 16:9 & Pan & Scan setting is determined by dvd player automatically NTSC for All Regions
    Video: 720x480 SD
    Audio: 5.1 AC3

Intention for this fanedit: Is to give the movie a more purposeful and focused feel. And to make it more immersive and mysterious.

How intention was achieved: To cut dialog and scenes that were not needed because the visuals and context was enough to explain. To rearrange some scenes to keep the momentum and continuity.

To cut out mention of neo as a savior and that people worship him. Numerous other small cuts here and there.

Hardware and software information :
  • Mac G5 Tower PPC
    Mpeg Streamclip for extraction
    Final Cut for editing
    Peak and DP5 for Audio
    DVDStudio for DVD Authoring
    Photoshop for artwork

Time needed for the edition: 15 days
persons involved: 1

TV's Frink

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TV's Frink said:
I'm looking forward to checking out RIVALS.

lol, it only took 2-1/2 years...

Posted on IFDB:

Similar to CTRTL's edit of RELOADED, this edit of REVOLUTIONS is a fairly straightforward cut with nothing groundbreaking but a lot of nice minor edits. Video/Audio quality and editing is excellent, as the only thing that hints at this being a fanedit are the beginning and ending credits. While the Hacked edits are still my favorite, CTRTL's edits are a nice choice if you prefer something a little less ambitious.


EDIT: I see that neither CTRTL matrix edit is available on info. If anyone is interested, PM me and I'll see about a re-upload.
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