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Star Wars: The Lost Scenes


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by Move Along
What is it about? this DVD allows viewing of the “lost” additional scenes of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. With great effort these scenes were preserved in the best possible quality (which is still rather poor of course). Enjoy a true rarity.

original film name: Star Wars IV: A New Hope
film studio name: Lucasfilm
Date Original Film Was Released: 25 MAY 77
Date Edit Was Released: 25 MAY 2005
Original Runtime: 121 minutes

DVD – Features:

* 1. static menus
* 2. PAL, about 30 minutes
* 3. cover and disc art


General Information

Video Format………: MPEG2 PAL Anamorphic Widescreen (NTSC available)
Aspect Ratio………: 2.35:1
Audio Format………: Dolby Digital 1.0 448kbps
Size……………..: 1.92 GB


Included in the .img disc image are the following:
1. VIDEO_TS folder
2. AUDIO_TS folder
3. JACKET_P folder
4. DVD_ROM folder including:
- High quality disc and cover art by Coov
- Extracted “Behind The Magic” cd-rom material

To burn to DVD:
Mac OS X: Apple Disk Utility or Toast
Windows: ImgBurn

Release Notes

In 1998, four of Star Wars’ deleted scenes were released for the first time on the now out of print “Behind The Magic” cd-rom. These scenes were presented in very low quality, being limited by the cd-rom medium’s capabilities. However, despite the poor quality, these “lost” scenes hold a special place in every serious Star Wars fan’s consciousness. Up until now, the best way to view these scenes in their unedited entirety was to view the BTM cd-rom. With BTM long out of print, these scenes have essentially become “lost” again. The purpose of this DVD is to allow viewing of these scenes on the most appropriate device, a widescreen television.

Technical Notes:

Using information from originaltrilogy.com’s technical forums, these four scenes’ raw files were extracted from BTM in ZNM format. Using grisc on each ZNM, each scene’s individual frames were extracted as PNG stills along with corresponding WAV files. These files are as close to the original cd-rom material as possible.

Each lost scene on BTM runs at 12fps. For television viewing, each frame was doubled and an image sequence was created running at 24fps. The image sequence was then exported and resized for anamorphic 2.35:1 and then letterboxed for 16:9. This was done for both PAL and NTSC and then framerates were conformed to 25fps and 23.98fps, respectively. Each file was then taken into a video editor and fade in/outs were added. A lossless video codec was used at every step until encoding to MPEG2 and every original frame is presented completely.

Work done on each scene:

TREADWELL – Each still frame was cropped from 640×272 to 616×256 to eliminate black borders.

TOSCHE STATION 1 & 2 – Nothing. Each still frame 640×272.

CANTINA – Each still frame was cropped from 624×416 to 616×257 to eliminate black borders and the ridiculous additional SE material at the bottom of each frame. The original Cantina frame area was also surprisingly interlaced. A de-interlacing filter was applied to remedy this.

Tools Used (Mac OS X unless otherwise noted):

grisc (Windows)
Quicktime Pro
Cinema Tools
Final Cut Pro
A. Pack
DVD Studio Pro
NFO Creator (Windows)

In making this DVD, I attempted to present these scenes as close to the source material as possible. I did not try to perform any major restoration or clean-up. The frames are very pixelated and have tons of dirt and scratches on them. Both BTM discs’ extracted raw contents are included in the DVD-ROM section. The source material is in there for anyone with the desire and skill to restore these frames. I would be interested to see what someone could do with this. I personally like the feel of the dirt and scratches so my work is done…

Thanks to Laserman for technical wisdom, Coov for great artwork, and ColinK for the extracted BTM disc 1 files posted on usenet.

TV's Frink

You Catch On Pretty Quick
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I wonder if this will be obsolete in September...


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Probably at least partially obsolete. It's a great disc if you haven't seen it.
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