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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens: Restructured:


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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens: Restructured:

This is a very important fanedit for the Star Wars community at large, not just because of how well done it is, but because the feelings of rebootness and staleness are gone. The edit feels like a product of love for Star Wars rather than a product of fan service. I only suggest watching this version of the film and it will definitely replace my blu-ray. V3 is masterful.

I agreed with every single cut and addition in this edit and I don't have any big complaints. The best part about this cut is that Force Awakens no longer feels like a reboot and remake of the OT. It actually feels like the film can take place in the Star Wars Universe. Like Hal states in the commentary, the simple restructuring of the destruction of the Hosnian system opens so many doors for the film that you can only really feel if you watch the edit itself.

The VFX work done is just plain seamless. With the frame by frame removal of the black time stamp on the deleted scene, the new star destroyer hovering over Takodana, and the charging of StarKiller Base, it really is what the film should have absolutely done in the first place.
The best scene of the edit is the removal of Chewie walking directly past Leia after Han's death.

Watching the edit and listening to Hal's commentary, I felt re-invigorated with the new Star Wars movies and fan-editing in general. It seems I had forgotten that there are other star wars fans with creativity and passion in the community at large. Everything you see nowadays is just so full of hate and vitriol, and this edit represents the COMPLETE opposite to that. To those Fans who feel like there is no hope for the community like I did, you should give this edit a watch. You won't be disappointed...

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