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Solo: The Shortcut


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Solo: The Shortcut
A reserved fanedit that shows just how much fun can be had when you don't stop for a quip or an applause shot every five seconds.

Cut some jokes, adjusted some moments with Han and Q'ira, skipped some of the more gratuitous fan service moments, added and tweaked couple of deleted scenes, and gave the film a complete colour regrading.​

Edit list
  • Overall colour retiming
  • Trimmed protocol droid gag
  • Added deleted scene ‘Corellian Foot Chase’
  • Trimmed Han’s hesitation about jumping in eel barrel
  • Trimmed Han and Q’ira flirting in the eel barrel
  • Cut Han shouting “I’ll come back for you!”
  • Trimmed Imperial recruitment officer’s hesitation signing Han as “solo”
  • Cut Han saying Chewbacca’s name out loud
  • Added deleted scene ‘Snowball Fight!’
  • Cut Rio’s “mynock roast” line
  • Added and re-edited extended introduction to Drydren’s office
  • Cut L3’s quip about “equal rights”
  • Cut Q’ira’s line about Drydren teaching her teras kasi
  • Cut Han and Lando’s exchange about parsecs before entering the Maelstrom
  • Cut Han’s line “I’ve got a really good feeling about this”
  • Cut Beckett and Han’s arguing over idioms
  • Cut Lando’s line about Han flying his ship
  • Cut gratuitous applause shot of Chewie entering co-pilot’s seat
  • Cut Beckett’s comment about his sore thumbs
  • Trimmed dialogue about escape pod
  • Cut “Now?” “Now!” gag
  • Cut Lando’s “Oh, shhhh-”
  • Cut Falcon crashing on Savareen
  • Repurposed establishing shot of weather vane
  • Trimmed Han’s incredulity at being called “the good guy”
  • Cut Q’ira’s call with Darth Maul
  • Cut Han telling Chewie about the “big job”
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Been looking for a good solo edit that just sharpens up the movie and nothing else. Your changes sound fantastic and I look forward to watching it!
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