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Rush: The Preservation Edition




Exit ... Stage Left
Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984
Through The Camera Eye
A Show Of Hands
On June 13, 2006, Rush fans had a lot to be excited about. After years of being out of print on VHS and Laserdisc, Exit ... Stage Left, Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984, and A Show Of Hands finally came to DVD in the Replay x3 boxed set. Unfortunately, new mixes replaced the original ones (including the superb Terry Brown mix from the original ESL video), and suffered significant over-compression. To make matters worse, "Lock and Key" -- a song that was only available on the ASOH laserdisc and not VHS, was notably missing from the DVD release. Not to mention, nary an easter egg or bonus track was to be found. Finally, Rush's original video collection, Through The Camera Eye was nowhere to be found.

This preservation does several things:
1) First and foremost, it restores the original PCM stereo mixes of the three live concerts from Laserdisc and synchronizes them to the Replay x3 videos
2) Second, it restores "Lock and Key" to the ASOH concert in context.
3) It captures the TTCE Video Collection from Laserdisc, and even adds the rare full-length video of "The Big Money" which was a bonus feature on the GUP Tour 1984 concert, preserving four concept videos that have not appeared on any of Rush's DVD releases to date.
4) All discs are chock-full of rare audio-only tracks as well. Some are embedded in the DVD experience, while still others are present in DVD-ROM folders for extraction and burning to CD-R.

Rush, The Preservation Edition is a nice compendium to your official Replay x3 set, preserving the original audio for posterity. The new stereo mixes are provided for educational comparative purposes, but the surround tracks have been purposefully left off to further encourage purchase of the official set. Do not support piracy. That is not the intent of this restoration. The intent is to supplement the official release so you can enjoy these legendary videos in all their original glory.
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