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Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif:


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Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif:

First of all I really enjoy this edit for many reasons. I love that now if I want to watch the saga in order it serves as the perfect gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. While I do really enjoy the main characters of the film, they are relatively unimportant to the Skywalker saga. You don't need to see their arch or journey in the film for this reason. Yet you still have Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Vader, Leia, and Tarkin in the film making it worth watching if you want to watch the saga in order.

OVERALL PROS: It is a great edit worth watching especially if you just want rogue one to be an interlude between Episodes 3 & 4.
It makes the film even better if you watch a ROTS edit with the deleted scenes about the formation of the rebel alliance.
I loved the structure of the film most of all. Starting with Vader and ending with him was a superb idea.
The opening crawl is much needed and fits amazing.

CONS: I think the scene of Chirrut's death is moreso ruined with the audio editing during the scene. The added music for most of the edit for me is out of place and felt unwelcome. This is basically the only gripe I have even though it is a MAJOR one in my opinion.

The edit is a great edition to the site. Thanks eldusto!

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