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Rambo II


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Faneditor Name: Tubes
Original Movie Title: Rambo: First Blood Part II
Fanedit Type: FanFix
Original Release Date: 1985
Original Running Time: 95 minutes
Fanedit Release Date: March 2008
Fanedit Running Time: 94 minutes
Time Cut: 1 minutes

Brief Synopsis:
This trims Rambo: First Blood Part II from the most annoying stuff for a cleaner and more to the point war action movie.

Editing Details:
I wanted to cut more, but the movie is so short and lean to begin with that it wouldn’t have improved the movie by much. I am very satisfied at the way the edit turned out.

Cuts and Additions:

Cut “Do we get to win this time?”. Trautman’s response makes no sense as later he asks Rambo to try and forget the war.Cut Rambo’s response to “Times change”. Somewhat out of character for Rambo to quip back at this point.
Shortened Rambo getting caught up in the plane when he parachutes. Removed redundant lines by Ericson.
Cut “Got hung up” scene.
Trimmed up the attack on the pirate’s boat. Removed redundant shotgun blasting, machine gun firing, and Co yelling at Rambo to jump.
Removed slo-mo shot of Rambo and the POW crawling through the mud at the extraction point.
Removed Rambo and Co’s kiss.
Trimmed down Co’s death scene.
Cut Yashin yelling in Russian to the machine gunner.


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