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Off the dead



A more realistic and better version of George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead

Tagline: for the dead one among us (wake up)
Original film name: Diary of the Dead
Film release date: February 15, 2008
Original runtime: 92min
Fanedit release date: April 2012
New Runtime: 68min
Amount of time cut/added: 36min/11-12min

Anyone that has edited anything knows that it takes time. Scoring something takes even longer, especially if you’re not going to make it look sloppy. And that is one of many problems I have with George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead: it is just too polished. There is no way that the film students would have had the time to edit the footage the way they did if a Zombie outbreak was happening. They used horror movie score, flashbacks in slow-mo, voice-over and news footage. I think Romero only used the subjective camera shooting style to get his social commentary across. So I tried to make a version that was more realistic in a make-believe sort of way. I also wanted to make a better version of the film.

Edit Details:
Now the editing is more amateurish with no slow-mo philosophical flashbacks, news footage and score. Now it’s a little more realistic. And with that goes the 5.1 sound, scene selection and what not. This is “movie only” with the simplest cover art known to man. Imagine if you where to buy a copy of a snuff film from someone on the street. What would that cover look like?

I tried to create the feeling that these kind of movies should have: the feeling that the footage might be authentic. And that to me is all part of the fun.

CUT: all voice-overs
CUT: all footage not shot by the film students (excluding surveillance footage at Ridley’s house)
CUT: all score
CUT: all bluescreens and stuff like that
CUT: all flashbacks, slow-mo
INSERTED: some parts of the deleted scenes have been inserted throughout the movie
INSERTED: text explaining things have been inserted throughout the movie
CHANGED: cropped picture to get rid of all the dates and “low battery”-symbol
CUT: the moment that has Deborah’s voice-over during the shooting of the mummy movie
CUT: the “stealing stuff”-guy
CUT: the moment that has voice-over when we are in Deborah’s room
CUT: some dialog and footage in the van. Like Mary telling who she is, Deborah giving in to Jason and telling who she is, Tracy with her phone, some of what the professor says and some of the news on TV.
CHANGED: the scenes in the van has been rearranged
CUT: some dialog and footage when the burned zombie cop arrive
CUT: Mary running over zombies and then later shooting herself
CUT: some dialog at the hospital
CUT: the whole sequence with the Amish guy and fixing the van up in the barn
CUT: surveillance footage when van enters warehouse
CUT: the re-cut news footage on TV starring George A. Romero
CUT: Deborah getting a text-message from her little brother
CUT: lip-gloss
CUT: the black leader guy looking at a third camera
CUT: the white guy handing out weapons
CUT: “I think you’re a lot like me”
CUT: the Japanese chick that says stuff like “Tokyo very bad Tokyo”
CUT: Tony asking Deborah if he can stick around and everybody else saying things like, “I got to pee again,” “maybe your brother has a playstation” and “maybe your father has a bar”
CUT: some dialog in the garage
CUT: Deborah: that’s sad
Professor: Not at all…I’m a wandering spirit
CUT: talk about how the professor wanders to where there is a bottle.
CUT: some dialog before the military arrive
CUT: “turn it the fuck off...now!”
CUT: Jason watching on his laptop how some cops entering an apartment building and kills zombies
CUT: all the sound when we see the security cameras POV
CUT: Ridley in the kitchen acting weird (he isn’t acting weird, his acting bad)
INSERTED: Deborah telling Ridley that they should go see Franchine (she now says it off camera over another piece of footage because the kitchen scene is cut)
CUT: Jason shaking the camera around and looking for Tracy
CUT: “don’t mess with Texas”
CUT: Jason running into Zombie Ridley
CUT: “Michael the archangel”
CUT: Deborah filming inside the panic room and zooming in on one of the monitors.
CUT: zombies approaching
CUT: credits

Captain Khajiit
- for helping me make PAL NTSC

- for helping me with the viral marketing

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