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Miami Vice - The Spence Edit

Is that Crockett's theme? I think I was expecting the main theme. Looks and sounds cool!
Well it's not just for time, I actually really like the "what the hell is happening?" disorientation of just being dropped in the middle of an investigation. But, it is disorientating, and a lot happens very quickly at the beginning, even without any cuts I did.

You guys tell me. Here's the opening as it stands:

I like it, but, while I appreciate them being understated, I think the actor credits over the boats footage are too hard to read.
I like it, but, while I appreciate them being understated, I think the actor credits over the boats footage are too hard to read.
Yeah that's an issue with the credits sequence. I don't particularly want to rebuild all the credits though.

Honestly, scene still might get cut!
The biggest challenge with this edit, and the thing I keep scrapping and starting over with, is the love story between Crockett and Isabela. Particularly, the section where they go to Cuba.

On one hand, on its own it's pretty great. It's believable, emotionally charged, and uniquely sensual.

On the other hand, it stops the movie dead in the water and throws all of the great pacing it's had so far completely out the window.

So finding a balance of trimming that down and keeping the most effective parts to keep the movie flowing without ruining it is really, really tricky.

How I have it right now is:
- boat ride to Cuba
- trimmed down dance/sex scene
- from sex scene straight to the cafe
- Sonny heading back to Miami.

So we lose most of the stuff at Isabella's house, but most of the sparks between them and the "doomed romance" vibe remain. A lot of "conversation" is gone. But a lot of the connection is still there. We also lose Sonny negotiating a better deal with Isabella, which is probably the initial reason he went with her in the first place, but this actually doesn't really come up again. It can be assumed that Sonny's initial reason for flirting with her was so she'd support them when Montoya asks. Which she does.

Hopefully this all works out in the end, but it's very tricky to get right.
Getting close to done on this one. Comes in at about 1 hour 56 minutes. No single scene is untouched. Lots of "invisible cuts" where just a shot or a few lines of dialogue are cut, hopefully adding up a to a film that's a bit more exciting and well paced without losing what makes it special to begin with.
Damn! That's the way that movie should have been made. A haunting action flick that sinks it teeth into you and doesn't let go. And when it does...you're scarred. Loved everything about it. It's not perfect but it shouldn't be. Certainly replaces the original. Thanks for sharing with me.
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Full Cutlist:
- Added FE warning.
- Added a credit for myself, and trying out a new logo card.
- Music in the boat race is replaced with a version of Crockett's theme. Some shots cut for time/pacing.
- Cut Sonny and Rico going to Alonzo's apartment and being told to turn around, they just go straight to the FBI meeting. A new establishing shot of Miami has been added.
- Removed Sonny repeating a line three times to Fujima.
- Cut Sonny staring out the window at Nicholas' condo.
- Cut the end of the scene with Nicholas, it now ends with "Why is this happening to me?" "Because you live a life of crime"
- Cut the scene of Yero checking out their credentials. It can be assumed he does that given they just discussed their fake identities with Trudy, and its stated multiple times throughout the film that he checked them out.
- Removed the shower/love scene between Trudy and Rico.
- Cut the end of the fake identities scene with Trudy.
- Cut some of Sonny and Rico's plane trip to meet Yero, and a bit of them walking through town to get to the meeting faster.
- cut some of the tough guy dialogue in the first Yero meeting.
- Cut the scene of Sonny and Rico clearing their hotel room.
- Cut some of the lead up to meeting Montoya.
- Cut the scene where they meet Trudy after she receives the flowers. it's more ominous if they don't get a chance to meet up. Removed dialogue referencing they are planning on meeting.
- The dancing scene in Cuba is trimmed down and moves straight into the love scene between Sonny and Isabella.
- The scene on the Cuba balcony is cut, and we go straight from Sonny waking up to the scene in the cafe.
- The shower/negotiation scene is cut, we go straight from the cafe to Sonny on his way back to Miami.
- The beginning of the scene in Montoya's house is cut, going straight to him reading the newspaper while Isabel approaches.
- Some of Sonny and Isabella's dialogue about her getting out of the business is cut for pacing.
- Sonny longingly looking at Isabel from the cargo boat is cut... generally a lot of Sonny looking longingly at things is cut.
- Some of the business with Trudy and the supremacists is cut for pacing. Also cut some of the team moving through the trailer park. Generally I cut to get the gang to her rescue quicker.
- Cut some of the business after the explosion. We now cut straight from Trudy on the ground to Trudy at the hospital.
- Some dialogue while the team waits at the hospital is cut for pacing.
- An instrumental version of In The Air Tonight plays over the team prepping to go to the final meeting with Yero.
- The aftermath of the shootout and Sonny taking Isabella to the safehouse is an amalgam of the director's cut, the theatrical cut, and my own instincts to make the scene flow better. Isabella now no longer tries to crash the car on the way there.
- A full version of In The Air Tonight plays over the end credits.

Look for this on IFDB soon!
This should be hitting IFDB today! Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation on this one.

This isn't a revolutionary, crazy edit, but the small changes have a big impact on the movie. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I really love Miami Vice, and I don't feel like it's ever gotten a fair shake. I'm hoping maybe this tighter version will convert some new fans.
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