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Man of Tomorrow: A Man of Steel and Batman V Superman FanEdit:


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Man of Tomorrow: A Man of Steel and Batman V Superman FanEdit:

Man of Steel is a good film, to me. The Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is also a good film, to me. This fan-edit basically combines the two into a two and a half hour long three-act-structured film that mainly focuses on what it should focus on: Superman, and it's phenomenal. It combines two underrated films into arguably one of the greatest comic book films ever made. The problems people had with both films with Superman seemingly not caring about humanity and him having the spotlight taken away from him are nowhere to be found here. Man of Tomorrow shows a Superman who struggles to fit into everyday society, who has trouble adapting to a world where people have lost their sense of hope, who's here on this Earth to inspire that hope and bring it back to the world, to have people gain that sense of hope again, and it shows that side of the character beautifully. I also loved how this portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman and Lois Lane. Batman represents a side of the general public that thinks Superman is a danger to this planet, someone who shouldn't be trusted. On the other hand, Lois Lane represents the side of the general public that thinks Superman is a hero, a god among mortals. Even better is that it's not all black and white. You can very easily understand where both sides are coming from while at the same time you are easily invested in Superman's struggles, mainly to get the people of Earth to put their trust into him. The way different scenes from both films are edited together to make what's going on in the overall story more intense and dramatically rich and satisfying is amazing. Even if you hate Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, I highly recommend Man of Tomorrow. It's a beautifully crafted and beautifully edited work that's interesting and satisfying for fans of these films, like myself, to see and manages to fix many complaints haters had with them. Man of Tomorrow is not just a great fan edit, it's arguably a perfect Superman film, possibly the best since the Richard Donner original, if not just as good or even better.

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