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Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair in HD (Dr. Sapirstein Extended Edition)


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NOTE: Was released on his blog, I've decided to add it to IFDB as I deem it cool.


IFDB page.

Faneditor Name: Dr. Sapirstein
Tagline: Tarantino's saga in its original form: a 4 hour-long uncut epic film.
Original Movie Title: Kill Bill
Genre: Action
Fanedit Type: Extended Edition
Original Release Date: 2003/2004
Original Running Time: 112/137
Fanedit Release Date: January 2013
Fanedit Running Time (Min): 243
Available in HD? Yes

Brief Synopsis:
Tarantino's saga in its original form: a 4 hour-long uncut epic film, presented in a new fan-edit [the longest ever], available for the first time in high definition.

To present an HD version of The Whole Bloody Affair, since it's unlikely that's going to happen.

Cuts and Additions:
* The dedication to Kinji Fukasaku [from the Japanese version] and the Klingon proverb [from the international version] are both included in the film's intro.
* New title & credits have been created.
* Alternate shots during the dialogue in Vernita Green's kitchen are used [from the Japanese version].
* Extended animation scene with extra gore [from the Japanese version]
* Longer gore take of Gogo gutting a man [from the Japanese version]
* Extended 'House Of The Blue Leaves' fight with the Crazy 88, fully uncut and in color [from the Japanese version]
* Extended scene of Sophie Fatale getting her other arm chopped off, and extra dialogue [from Japanese version]
* No interruption between volume 1 and 2, credits have been deleted and the transition has been completely re-edited.
* Extended Pai-Mei flashbacks during the campfire scene [credits to Moderknife for originally crafting this sequence in his 2008 fan-edit, taken from/as inspired by the original script of Kill Bill]
* Re-inserted deleted scene of Bill fighting Michael Jai White and his goons in a Chinese market place.
* Corrected and resynched subtitles on all non-English dialogues.
* Audio in lossless DTS 5.1

Release Information:
* MKV Matroska [11.1gb]
* Video: 243mn, h264, HD-720p, 1280x720, 5000kbps, 23,976fps.
* Audio: DTS 5.1 [lossless 1536kbps]


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Nice! Always great to see a new Dr. Sapirstein release.


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Hell yeah, that sounds sweet!
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