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Jurassic Park Saad Alkhatib Cut


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Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies of all time, the film is fantastic but just needs some scenes edited and some dialogue to be removed to become perfect in it's own way.
I basically removed all what i felt are  stupid, idiotic scenes and Major plot holes scenes, i did not remove the humor as it is a huge part in the character's development in the film,
I also removed all what i felt are unnecessary scenes and unnecessary dialogue from the film.
I kept the original structure of the film as it is. 
I did not re-order the story-line.
One of the biggest major edit is removing the Dennis Nedry/Dodgson meeting, by doing that it makes Dennis's later actions become sudden and the park crash down more shocking because now you don't expect it,
Also removed all conversation about kids and babies between Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler as it is obvious from Grant's actions and his interactions that he has an issue with kids and children.

Scenes that i removed in order:

-Removed the Raptor pushing the cage way to the back and in a way comically making the guards fall down.
-Removed when the Raptor is playing with the guard up and down scene.
-Removed discussion between Grant and Sattler about babies and babies smell
-Removed one scene in the trailer john Hammond is cleaning the glass cups with a different color towel
-Removed the Dennis Nedry/Dodgson meeting, now we cut directly yo the helicopter flying to the island scene.
-Removed Malcolm's awkward laugh.
-Removed Sattler talking about the leaf scene.
-Removed Grant Forcefully moving Sattler's head to see the dinosaur.
-Removed jumping from the Jeep scene and pointing at the dinosaur (i think it is the only bad CGI scene in the film)
-Removed scenes when Hamond says that he has witnessed every baby hatch of every dinosaur in the island.
-Removed all the bushes moving and screaming scene that shows the cow is being eaten, it cuts to Maldoun introduction then the what is left of the cow being brought up.
-Removed Sattler talking about the poison plants while eating.
-Removed Sattler giving a smile when the children are introduced.
-Removed the joke about: woman inherent the earth scene.
-Removed the whole dinosaur big pile of shit scene because to me it did not make scene that there is this huge pile of shit and no one can smell it's bad smell or feel like they want to puke or anything.
-Removed  Dennis Nedry video talking to the guy who is waiting for him.
-Removed the scream the Lex shouts when the t-rex gets closer to her and Grant, now Grant grabs her from the mouth before she screams.
-Removed seeing the high neck dinosaurs on the tree before sleeping.
-removed any talk about the drug that kills the dinosaur.
-Removed the Sattler saying: "Run" when she finds Grant.
-Removed the Lex saying he is inside scene 
-Removed the Lex asking Tim what kind of dinosaur is it ? and saying it is inside.
-Removed the Lex saying follow me.
-Re-edited the scene when the Raptor knocks down the kitchen stuff as now the kids crawl and Tim touches the spoons and the spoons directly falls to the ground.
-Removed the Lex distracting the dinosaur and doing a mirror trick on her, now the scene is different as Tim runs the first Raptor follows him and Lex runs to help him close the door while the second raptor watches and follows them outside the kitchen,
-Removed the Tim breathing heavily after they locked the raptor inside the fridge.
-I Re-edited the whole close the door scene because it is absurd that they try to reach for the gun desperately while there are two kids one of them doing nothing(Tim) who could have gave them the gun, so the scene is edited as follows:
the Raptor tries to open the door, Sattler helps and immediately Lex closes the doors from the computer
-Removed hanging for a while on the skeleton scene so now after the raptor jumps the skeleton falls down directly.

Original Film running time: 2 hr 7 min 00 sec
Fan edit running time: 1 hr 56 min 16 sec

Would love if any would create a poster for this it would be much appreciated.
PM me for the link.
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