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John Wick 4: The Final Chapter


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John Wick 4


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While I enjoyed the original quite a lot, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a tedious watch at points with its nearly 20-30 minute action scenes. John Wick 4: The Final Chapter aims to trim these long action scenes and remove unneeded plot points that aren't needed towards the main story for a far more easy-going watch.

John Wick 4: The Final Chapter follows the the same story as the original. A man by the name of John Wick uncovers a path to defeating The High Table. But before he can earn his freedom, Wick must face off against a new enemy with powerful alliances across the globe and forces that turn old friends into foes.

Cuts and Additions:
It would be near enough impossible to list everything I cut in my edit due to such a large amount being done throughout. However like mentioned before the main focus was to trim a lot of it's large-scaled action scenes to have a faster paced story and remove everything to do with Scott Atkins' charecter and the subplot in Moscow.


Editing Details:
I had no problem with the main plot to the original as it was pretty much a very standard story that followed the same ideas as it's predecessors. The only big part I planned to remove was Scott Atkins' charecter due to it feeling very unneeded in the long run. I also decided to trim the overlong action scenes where I personally thought they were going on for too long and became tiring.

Release Info:
1080p, MP4, 2:35:1, AAC, 7.82gb on MEGA
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When I first watched the original I wasn't a fan of the over-long action scenes that went on for 20 minutess, however on rewatches I got used to them and they grew on me. One thing that still irritates me though is the background enemies that are practially "waiting for their turn to be killed". One scene in particular was bad for this trait, so I decided to try and edit my way around it as best as I could without it looking like shit.

Some parts may be in a lower quality as I decided to reframe some shots to hide background charecters, I also trimmed some stuff too.

Been working on this a lot for the past day or so and am honestly not too far from a rough cut of the edit.
I'm currently experimenting with subplots/plot lines that I want removed from my version and have decided that my version of the film would work far greater without the whole Berlin plot where John fights Scott Atkins' charecter.

Doing this however built up some pretty awkward scenes to cut around such as Winston and Marquis' conversation about the dual.
Without it looking like a pile of shit, it was near enough impossible to work around the previously mentioned subplot that was evident in that conversation.

This conversation though held some key points for the rest of the plot, so I decided to add in snippets of dialogue from that conversation before John and Marquis meet.

Would be pretty interested into seeing which people think is better.
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Got around to watching the first draft of this edit earlier and am pretty happy with the current progress.

The runtime so far is 87 minutes long with a large chunk of the middle portion being completely cut from my version, after watching this however I recognise it is paced slightly strange in the middle section because of the removal of the scenes in Moscow. To improve upon this pacing issue I decided to instead reorganise some scenes so it doesn't feel so quickly paced.

Assides from that though this edit is pretty strong from an editing front, some minor audio issues that I definitely have want to work on more.
Been working on this a shit ton today and have ended up watching this twice and tweaking quite a lot of stuff. Pretty sure I can get these few issues fixed with this latest render. Edit should be on IFDB this week.
This edit is now complete and will be submitted to IFDB today! I am very happy with the final result as I truly believe this is my best editing yet.
While I don't entirely think this is better than the original, I think it offers a pretty cool change of tone and style offering up a new and exciting way to experience one of the best movies of the year.

Here is some of the artwork I was experimenting with (I placed the posters and everything in a spoiler so people dont have to scroll through it all).

Will be updating the OP in the next day or so :)
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