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IFDB Review: Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Ridiculousness:


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I was looking forward to this edit. Finks Phantom Menace had some terrific parts like Anakin's podrace and Qui-Gon just mind-controlling Wato. This edit delivers several really satisfying moments like that.For instance, Obi-Wan is asked is he needs help in the Library scene, he just says "No!" cut scene. And of course, Anakin just mind-controls Amidala which actually makes more sense than the theatrical cut's romance even though this is supposed to be ridiculous. But it's mostly the Monty Python-esque over the top ridiculousness you would except. The "sex" scene is hilarious.The only criticisms I can think of are that although Anakin's rescue of his mother is funny, it means he doesn't kill the Tuskans and we don't have the subsequent scene where he talks to Padme while she wears that giant bullseye on her crotch. Those two scenes were so ridiculous I was sure they'd be comedy gold in an edit like this. Also the Tommy Wiseau stuff we hilarious but I gotta wonder if everyone will get it.Would definitely recommend.

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