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IFDB Review: Star Wars - Episode I: Shadow of the Sith:


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I can't say this edit made The Phantom Menace a MUCH better Star Wars movie, but it was still fine. It didn't really add anything to the movie that made it feel any more Star Wars-y (apart from some of the pacing), but it certainly stripped away a lot of the really bad stuff.Some of the editing is a bit clunky (even the opening STAR WARS title zooms out a bit messily), and while Jar Jar Binks had a lot of annoying lines trimmed out, it kind of reduced him to a character who just stood around not doing anything. There's a shot somewhere where the focus was on Jar Jar looking as if he were at the end of a comedic routine, but not doing anything or saying a word. It was kinda creepy. I think you should have cut or cropped some of the shots with Jar Jar out.However, the stuff that was good was good. It got to the point well enough, and it made PM a more tolerable movie, though not much of a better one.

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