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IFDB Review: Raiders of the Lost Skull:


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I had started a cut of this movie like a year ago, but never finished it. I was always saying to myself, its still not as good as I think it could be so I just let it sit, that in mind..... The Intro was cut just like I thought of, all the way to teaching in the university. You did exactly what I did for the fridge seq too... HAHA..... Very very awesome intro, felt more like an Indy movie from the start. No more kids trying to race a military convoy and elvis presley music just doesn't belong in an Indy film. Music inserts all over the film where awesome and you chose perfect places to add subtle reminiscent Indiana tones, as well as complete changes of the action sequence's scores, as well as a few other places. Again made it feel more like the other films. Grave scene – I love that you removed the stupid fight with the tribal guys... scene was lame & pointless. Nice hypnotized skull scene, I had just cut it, but you used it and made it a useful & an interesting scene... It actually plays well for things that happen later on in the film, well done... I still hate that ant sequence, but there is little you can do about it.. You did a similar cut as I did, except I just stopped at the close up of Indy. I didn't show him even going into the ant pile/nest. I also cut the chase sequence a little different, kept in the sword play, but I did a little bit different with the swinging thing... I cut around it, and it worked out well. But your was fantastic, that scene always looked like a projected background. Well done with the ending, no UFO and crap.... It plays out much better now and I love that you just started the theme song and rolled the credits right after Indy's line.. This was really awesome, I was gonna finish the cut I started a year ago after my T4 but forget it, after seeing it, Its great... This made it much more enjoyable and more keeping in the Indy genre. This is my go to copy from now on... I'm just gonna delete what I've done. Thx for sharing man.. really well done.

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