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How do you convert an AC3 file to 6 mono WAV files ?

TM Productions

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I have been looking around the forum for a while now and I'm really stuck on this issue. I can't seem to convert my AC3 file which is 5.1 surround sound into 6 mono wav files which is what most faneditors on here do. I tried using besweet and couldn't figure out how to use it. I have used the wizard and gui options. I've been googling about it and went on video help, ect. but no luck. It might be because I am clueless about how to use besweet, but if someone could just tell me how I would really appreciate it.
Personally, I use eac3to via the command line to do this, but if you found Behappy's GUI hard to figure out, I would suggest you look at the relevant part of Adigitalman's Guide to MPEG-2/AC3 Editing. It has clear instructions on how to do this with Hypercube Transcoder, which does a good job.
I find the easiest solution is Audacity with the AC3 plugin. Once you've demuxed the VOB open the AC3 in Audacity, then do Multiple Export as WAV. It will then export each AC3 channel as a mono WAV.
Since I already have audacity I'll just do that. Thanks Q2.

And Captain, its crazy but that was the one guide i didnt look at. lol
Thanks Q2, works like a charm :)
This will come in handy for future edits.
I use besweet because hypercube up and stopped working one day. Reinstall didn't help either.

That audacity trick sounds easiest if you don't know what you are doing, however.
I used BeSweet for my Zack & Miri edit. Pretty simple to use.
TM Productions said:
Really? I was SO CONFUSED!

I was confused at first but figured it out with a bit of trial and error.
Kal-El said:
Wow, real subtle, Frink :-D

I didn't see anything wrong or snarky with what Frink said. (Seriously.)

TV's Frink said:
That audacity trick sounds easiest if you don't know what you are doing, however.

I tried BeSweet at first but didn't know what the hell I was doing so switched to Audacity.
So I've been fighting an AC3 to mono wavs battle for a while now, and I have found another program that is VERY EASY to use.

I've had luck with besweet before, but only after stuggling with the setup and settings for hours, and then by the time I use it again, I've done a fresh OS install, Besweet has changed their gui's and I've forgotten how to set it up again.

Megui, same issue. I'm sure it produces a wonderful result, but it's just a lot of setup for such a basic problem.

I didn't know about the Audacity method until just now revisiting this thread, but I will definitely be giving it a try since I already use Audacity a lot.

Anyway, long story short, if you're looking for a quick and easy way to convert ac3 to 6 mono wavs for 5.1 editing, give Audiomuxer a try.

Audiomuxer also claims to do the following, but I have not tested any of them:
AudioMuxer can generate a DVD, MPG or MKV files from a selection of MP3, Flac, (multi-channel) Wav, LPCM, DTSWav, DTS, DTS Master Audio, DTS Hi-Res, AC3 audio tracks.MKV files can be exported to AVCHD or Blu-ray, and an ISO file can be created from the DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray structure.
Audio tracks can be split with a CUE sheet and images can be selected that will be shown during playback. These images can be encoded in a NTSC/PAL or HD 720p/1080p video format.

A toolbox is available to convert MP3, Flac, (multi-channel) Wav, Wave64, WavPack, LPCM, DTSWav, DTS, DTS Master Audio, DTS Hi-Res, AC3, TrueHD, MLP audio files to AC3, DTS, LPCM/Mono-wav or Flac files.

There is also the possibility to read a playlist file from a non-encrypted Blu-ray or DVD-Video and to extract the (HD) audio from it.

An option to join Wav/Flac files is available.

An option to merge mono-channel wav/flac files to multi-channel wav or flac.

An option to convert AC3/DTS files to SPDIF Wav/Flac (useful for streaming audio from PC over SPDIF connection and for tagging AC3/DTS files).

The program is freeware, and can be downloaded here.

I'll have a guide up in a little bit.
A basic guide to converting AC3 to 6 mono Wavs with Audiomuxer.




nice. I never had any issue with BeSweet (always simple to setup and no problems), but this looks like another easy option. Does this also handle DTS? I kind of got that impression from image #2. If so, how does it handle HD audio, or 7.1 tracks?

If it handles all that well, with easy, this might be a one stop solution to replace BeSweet, Tranzcode and eac3to.
It actually uses eac3to, as well as a ton of other open source programs. Haven't tried DTS yet.

AudioMuxer has been created using the following software:

  • AviSynth, copyright (c) AviSynth development team at SoundForge.net
  • MediaInfo, copyright (c) MediaArea.net SARL
  • HCenc, copyright (c) hank315
  • x264, copyright (c) x264 development team at VideoLan.org
  • Muxman Demo version, copyright (c) SoundWare Associates
  • BatchMux, copyright (c) Sir Didymus
  • mkvmerge, copyright (c) Moritz Bunkus
  • Eac3to, copyright (c) Mathias Rauen
  • SoX, copyright (c) Chris Bagwell and SoX Contributors
  • metaflac, copyright (c) Josh Coalson
  • tsMuxeR, copyright (c) SmartLabs LLC
  • ImgBurn, copyright (c) LIGHTNING UK!
  • Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition, copyright (c) Microsoft
  • ISTool, copyright (c) Bjørnar Henden
  • 7-Zip, copyright (c) Igor Pavlov
  • Fugue Icons, copyright (c) Yusuke Kamiyamane
  • spdifer, copyright (c) Alexander Vigovsky <[email protected]
  • Stack Blur Algorithm, copyright (c) Mario Klingemann <[email protected]
  • OggDec, copyright (c) John Edwards
  • Important Notes
    • As you will see in the credits section, AudioMuxer uses a lot of already existing software and the biggest challenge was to make them work together.
      In the event that a functionality was missing or not working in one of these underlying applications, a workaround has been coded to make it work.
      However some things could not be (easily) fixed and there are a couple of remarks sections in the User Guide dedicated to some of the shortcomings you will have to live with for now.
    • Eac3to has the possibility to use the commercially available Minnetonka SurCode DVD DTS Encoder and the ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre DTS Decoder. However, there will be no support provided here on how to make it work with this commercial software.

I'll have to play with this a bit. could be a really nice interface
Since this topic comes up quite a bit, I have stuck it.
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