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God's Lonely Man. A Taxi Driver (fan) edit


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My version of Taxi Driver

I did the first drafts on this cut when i was working on the first episode of The Game
When i was visiting a friend to do an editing job i saw a poster on his wall of Taxi Driver
Between the conversations i had with him a new idea was born to do something with this movie

Of course like most of Scorsese's movies this is one of my favorites
But this version is "slight" different

In my version the voice overdub of De Niro is gone 
Also the Betsy character is completely cut, she doesn't exist in this edit

The reason for that  is that i never liked Betsy in the original with her "do you wanna fuck me" look
There is no match between Bickle and Betsy at all and between all the sleazy hookers and pimps she walks around like some Alice in Wonderland
So forget about her in this cut

Travis Bickle is in my cut a lonely suicidal person
He feels his loneliness as a sickness, he can't sleep so he's taking a job as a cab driver and when he's not working he watches porn in a movie theater
It's every day the same fucking thing, drive the cab, watching porn and he sees the people around him as human garbage
But his loneliness is driving him to the edge, he wants to do something before he ends up his miserable life,  something evil...... or something good
The evil part is Charles Palantine a senator who is running for president he wants to kill and the good part is Iris the 12-year-old hooker he wants to safe from her pimp
So in this cut the storyline is only between Bickle and Iris actually, and that is enough to create this edit

Harvey Keitel as the pimp is as always fantastic and i remember a great scene of Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant when Keitel was dancing with two crack whores with Johnny Ace version of "Pledging my Love" as background music
I re-create the scene with the same music when he is dancing with Jody Foster
The music of Herrmann stays intact but also a lot of audio cutting in that and i use some tracks of the 1998 remastered cd release 
The end shooting is done with overdub of Jay Chattaway and that is the Maniac (1980) soundtrack 

Some sound effects, mostly the gunshots  (Play it loud on your receiver and the neighbors will call the police i guess)
I made this more graphic, so this edit is not for the whole family

The main thing is that this cut is (almost) done
I did this between the last three edits so there are not many updates after this one 
It's simply the way i work 

I must change some things, the fact is that i changed the title in God's Lonely Man before it was "Cab Driver" and "Alone" but  i didn't like that so this title will do it
I must see it on the big screen Wednesday with a Scorsese buff and critic and after that i put it next week on the blog and on the IFDB

Running time (for now) of the workprint is 67 minutes



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This cut is done.
I made two versions of this edit
A so called "Editor's X-rated cut" that is only for my blog
And the IFDB cut somehow a so called alternative cut 
At the moment there is a Martin Scorsese exhibition in Amsterdam, one of those Scorsese's buffs will see tomorrow the X-rated cut so i hope he likes it

The first cut is in a few days on my blog and the "cleaned up" version for the IFDB is maybe next week released

Running times:

X - rated cut - 66 Minutes
IFDB edit - 67 Minutes

Well that's it, back to the zombie cut


Take Me To Your Cinema
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Edit released. Thread moved. We are the people.


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Sorry* to be a hater, but WTF this fanedit makes me glad I'm no longer an active member of this community. The fact that this exists gives me day terrors. For shame.

*not really
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