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Friday The 13Th: The Legend Of Crystal Lake


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original film name: Friday the 13th part 1 and 2
new film name: Friday the 13th: The Legend Of Crystal Lake
film studio name : Universal
Date Original Film Was Released : 9 May 1980 (USA)
Date Edit Was Released : Mon Jun 11, 2007 1:56 pm Old Combine Running Time: 182 mins
New Combine Running Time: 94 mins
Cut: 88 mins

From F13:
1. Cut 1957 intro
2. Cut Alice talking to dog and her interaction w/ the townies including Ralph.
3. Moved Alice's death to earlier in the film.
4. Cut awkward Alice/Steve sexual tension scene.
5. Cut Ned's mentioning of "Camp Blood"
6. Trimmed lake scene heavily(Ned's fake drowning).
7. Cut police officer scene and Ralph's second appearance.
8. Cut snake scene.
9. Cut the scene w/ everyone hanging out and they turn on the generator.
10. Cut marcy jack dialogue about dreams.
11. Trimmed sex sequence heavily.
12. Trimmed down Marcy bathroom sequence.
13. Cut Brenda bathroom sequence.
14. Cut Steve's diner sequence.
15. Cut the cop picking Steve up and their dialogue.
16. Cut sequnce where Bill and Alice roam the camp looking for the others.
17. Trimmed final showdown HEAVILY. Now only lasts about 5 mniutes.
18. Cut Jason's emergence.
19. Many little cuts here and there to shorten the length.

****Body count goes from 9 to 7.

From Part 2:
1. Cut dream sequence at beginning.
2. Cut opening credits.
3. Trimmed some character scenes of would-be victims, who do not matter in this edit. EXAMPLE: Scott dancing with the dog.
4. Cut cop discovery of Jason's hut and death.
5. Cut all instances of characters opting to stay at the camp instead of going out drinking. In other words, the only people who remain at the camp are the ones who get in trouble and are not invited to the bar. All scenes relating to characters that stayed behind in the orgininal cut are removed, like their deaths.
6. Reordered several scenes to give some balance back to the movie after cutting so much.
7. Final Showdown is trimmed a bit. Not so much running around and less of Jason acting like a dick.

****Body count goes from 10 to 4.
DVD Details:
-Dual Layer Format
-AC3 Stereo Sound
-Over an hour of special features, including theatrical trailers and retrospectives by the films' casts

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:
In the first movie, the legend of CCL already exists, because of Jason's drowning and the kids deaths at the beginning of the first movie. I eliminated that entirely, so Mrs. Voorhees' rampage is the first of it's kind, and therefore creates the legend discussed in Part 2. I think the first movie is a great concept and is a better idea than Jason as the killer, but the second movie is hands down a more well-made movie with much better dialogue.

I left as much character development in the first movie and cut as much of the violence as possible, so it feels more like a character movie. Think DEATHPROOF. That's kinda how this feels.

To sum up: I wanted to see if I could take two good horror movies and turn them into one GREAT movie.


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there is now an SL DVD on linktalk, any info on that? is the fanedit re-encoded or just all the extras removed?


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Although I enjoy an occasional slasher movie, I am by no means an expert. Put it this way: I had no idea Jason wasn't even really in the original FTT13th and didn't even wear the hockey mask until part 3. Basically I remember some very small bits of Part 1, that's it. And my feeling about what I did remember what that it was a bit dull. My girlfriend, though, owns and loves all of these guy's movies: Freddy, Jason, Micheal Myers. So I thought this would be a good opportunity for a two pronged review for this edit.

I should mention that this is the SL version created by Boon , I believe. Cool static menu, nice picture quality. Thank you very much for creating it, or I would have been unable to watch it. Very much appreciated.

Opens with a title card with the editors name, fits the look of the film well, suits the purpose. Minor complaint that the Main title does not include the Fanedit's subtitle- would have been nice. Story-wise it is a lot zippier than I remember, moves at a good clip. I cannot detect any plot holes. I quiz my girlfriend and she knows there have been things cut out, but cannot place them. So obviously nothing that needed to stay for this edit. And the killings happen much quicker, which I liked. Thumbs up there. Great blending of the first and second parts also. We both found it convincing. Part 1 actually becomes a sort of prologue in this cut, Jason's backstory. This was a very good approach and really nice work condensing it too. I easily followed the whole story the whole way through and was engaged by it, something I could not say previously. My girlfriend really enjoyed it as well. She said it would not replace her originals (of course) but she thought it was really cool. Me too.

One more minor complaint about titles: The end credits were not custom, merely part 1 and 2 credits shown chronologically. This works fine actually, the music flowed and they were cut seamlessly- but I always like to see the custom ones, they always earn an extra point from me if done well.

I did not wear headphones when watching this one (my usual method- hey I am an audio guy, sorry!) but I did not notice any blending weirdness, volume trouble or hard cuts on the tv speakers. The video cuts were unnoticeable.

Overall, great work! It looks like one that both casual and rabid slasher film fans can enjoy.


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I've always wanted to check out this edit... If anyone has a copy it would be greatly appreciated it you could fire me off a PM.... Thanks so much....


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im sorry, i think the post above was misread. i was meaning "pm sent" as in a request for the links. i have the FanEdit, but its choppy. it opens up with the kids sneaking off to,, well you know, and other scenes i havent seen before. i will see what i can do with it. no promises.


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DVD5 has been uploaded to Mega. DLC submitted to Info.
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