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First post lots of questions, sorry!


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Hi all
I've been lurking a long time here and really appreciate what a great community this is and I've thoroughly enjoyed watching some of the excellent fan edits featured on this site.  I've finally decided the time is right for me to start a few of my own projects (and hopefully contribute) but I really need a few words of encouragement/pointers and bits of advice for getting started.  There is a lot of technical jargon and despite hours and hours of reading, a lot of the technical stuff goes over my head, but we all started somewhere right? :)

Please forgive the long list of questions below. Any help with even just one of them would be appreciated. I'm sure they have been answered elsewhere but I promise I've looked and I've seen conflicting advice on a few of these, so I'm just really looking for some clarification. Because of the nature of new technology and methods etc, finding up to date information has been quite challenging. Please be gentle with me.

My main aim is to try and produce audio and video in the highest quality, lossless wherever possible, throughout.  I've tried to follow ThrowgnCpr's guide (https://forums.fanedit.org/showthread.php?tid=4915) for audio and geminigod's guide for video (https://forums.fanedit.org/showthread.php?tid=5592) to the letter and I'm at the point where I think I have a lossless Lagarith video file and 6 .wav audio files ready for Sony Vegas 15, but before I get too pleased with myself....

1.       The BluRay's original audio was a DTS-HD 7.1  track.  Is there a free/cheap way of getting 8 .wav files instead of 6?

2.       If I can only get 6 .wav files "out", what am I losing? Am I correct in believing the other 2 channels are simply “downmixed” into the 6?

3.       The Sony Vegas colour space must be RGB, when is the best time to convert from YV12 to RGB (and how) or am I correct in thinking that a preset curves layer can be used instead, within Vegas to make up for the change in colours? (Which preset? Is it better to actually convert to RGB?)

4.       When using Virtual Dub should I use "Normal Recompress" or "Full Processing Mode." Or something else entirely as many others have suggested the fast recompress mode?

5.      My .wav files from Tranzcode wouldn’t open in Vegas (I think because they were in a 32 bit float codec?) So instead I used Eac3to to convert from my core .dts file to 6 .wavs.  Is there a quality drop because I used Eac3to and not Tranzcode?  The files are smaller and 24 bits instead of 32 but I don't know how to get the Tranzcode ones to import into Vegas?

6.       Am I wrong not to use the .mkv container at any stage?  My video is simply going from .m2ts >>>> .ts >>>> lagarith .ts.avi

Thanks for getting this far
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