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Christmas 2: Make Christmas Great Again (TM2YC short edit of Santa Claus: The Movie)


Take Me To Your Cinema
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I was working on this last year but didn't get it finished in time, another Xmas season roles around and I've finished it.

Christmas 2: Make Christmas Great Again

Original Movie Title: Santa Claus: The Movie
Fanedit Type: FanMix
Original Release Date: 1985
Original Running Time: 108
Fanedit Release Date: December 2018
Fanedit Running Time: 51
Time Cut: 57

Brief Synopsis:
A short seasonal edit that refocuses the story away from Santa and onto BZ, Patch, Joe, Cornelia and the magic-candy/Christmas-2 sub-plot.
I've always had a soft spot for the slightly dodgy Santa movie from the team that brought you Superman but all the scenes set in the North Pole were the least interesting aspect. So this short edit removes all that and focuses in on John Lithgow's deliciously diabolical capitalist, Dudley Moore's sweetly naive and kindly Elf and the two kids. Santa still appears to save the day though.
Other Sources:
- Santa Claus: The Movie PAL DVD (converted back to filmspeed)
- freesound.org

2.3 GB MP4


Editing Details:
- Cut every thing at the North Pole except seeing Patch leaving.
- All Santa scenes not relating to Joe, Patch and Cornelia removed.
- Removed all mentions of the broken-toys/hate-Santa subplot.
- Rearranged things so it all takes place over one Christmas season, not two.
- Replaced end credits music.

Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Added TM2YC and FE.org titlecards.
00.00.29 - Added snowstorm intro with clouds, snow and soundFX to blend into SCTM footage.
00.00.38 - Added text titlecard setting up the premise.
00.00.58 - Removed everything up to Patch leaving the North-Pole
00.01.24 - Brought forward first Joe scene and added patch to snow-globe to make a new FX-shot transition
00.03.32 - Brought forward second Joe scene.
00.05.39 - Removed more North-Pole scenes.
00.07.33 - Removed North-Pole scene.
00.07.59 - Changed BZ-toys establishing shot from day, to night, so patch goes right there.
00.14.22 - Removed North-Pole scene.
00.15.18 - Removed BX saying "Come in" to preserve the surprise when he turn round.
00.15.29 - Removed more North-Pole scenes and remade soundmix over shots of Joe in the street.
00.16.16 - Removed awkward pause between "Santa Claus ain't..." and "...real".
00.16.26 - Removed Jow giving a rather disinterested "Yeah sure if it's alright".
00.22.48 - Removed Santa saying he'll be back next year for Joe because in this edit it's over one Christmas.
00.23.02 - Removed more North-Pole scenes.
00.25.30 - Removed Santa mentioning that people hate him and reworked soundmix.
00.25.54 - Removed lines that would've implied Santa and Joe haven't seen each other for longer than a few hours.
00.26.02 - Removed more lines mentioning that people hate Santa.
00.26.44 - Removed more lines that would've implied Santa and Joe haven't seen each other for longer than a few hours.
00.27.25 - Toned down Cornelia dislike of the Patch candy.
00.29.36 - Removed lines discussing why Patch left Santa.
00.31.28 - Removed BZ mentioning a 3-month timescale.
00.31.40 - Removed BZ mentioning March and brought forward reversed reaction shot from Patch.
00.31.48 - Removed North-Pole scene.
00.33.57 - Removed North-Pole scene.
00.40.26 - Removed North-Pole scene and added soundFX.
00.41.09 - Removed another mention of the everybody hates Santa subplot.
00.41.21 - Removed a line where Patch mentions there is bad blood with Santa.
00.42.48 - Moved final BZ scene to later.
00.46.30 - Removed original North-Pole ending and added crossfade to last BZ scene.
00.47.34 - Replaced end credits music with 'Black Christmas' by Poly Styrene.
00.48.08 - Removed mentions of actors not appearing in this edit.
00.50.16 - Added seasonal greetings.

(Password: fanedit.org)

Last Impressions

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Wonderful...I always had a problem with the North Pole aspect as well.... Great choice for the end credits music.
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