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Carly's Story by Mark Moore

Mark Moore

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Carly's Story...

The character of Carly as featured in the 2011 blockbuster feature film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, originated in the original 1980s cartoon series, TheTransformers. Now, you can relive all of the original Carly’s adventures in this feature film condensed from the nine episodes that Carly appeared in from 1985 to 1986.

To create a “feature-length film” of Carly’s adventures in “The Transformers”

I have always been attracted primarily to the female characters in any given film or television series that I watch. I wanted to create a “movie” of just Carly’s adventures, so we can follow things from her perspective (and cut out most of the unimportant male-only scenes).

The Immobilizer; Desertion of the Dinobots, Parts 1 and 2; Blaster Blues; Hoist Goes Hollywood; Cosmic Rust; Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1; Madman’s Paradise; Nightmare Planet.

*all opening and closing themes and commercial bumpers (I created my own closing credits)

The Immobilizer:

*the opening scene at Autobot HQ
*Spike and Bumblebee getting pulled over by the cop and then attacked by Ravage
*the following scene back at Autobot HQ
*the scene at Decepticon HQ
*Wheeljack’s demonstration

Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1:

*opening demonstration scene
*EJK scene
*Autobot HQ scene with Dinobots
*scene of Autobots repairing damage at airport
*scene of Decepticons refueling at power substation
*beginning of Autobot HQ scene where Perceptor diagnoses the problem
*scene of Dinobots getting to and using the space bridge
*scene of Dinobots arriving on Cybertron
*end of final scene where Shockwave fires (for continuity with Part 2)
*To Be Continued notice

Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2:

*beginning of opening scene (title)
*layered Shockwave’s audio from end of Part 1 over shot of him here

Blaster Blues:

*beginning of opening scene (title)
*first Haley Observatory scene (merged first and second Autobot HQ scenes together)
*second Haley Observatory scene
*scene of the Decepticons going into space
*third Haley Observatory scene
*Optimus communicating with Huffer and Tracks at beginning of next Autobot HQ scene
*scene of Cosmos and Blaster going to the moon and being captured
*beginning of airport scene with communications failing
*most of train accident / forest fire scene except for Megatron’s communication
*first snowstorm scene
*scene back at Autobot HQ
*most of second snowstorm scene (until Megatron’s communication)
*third snowstorm scene

Hoist Goes Hollywood:

*beginning of opening scene (title)
*Dirge’s mayday scene
*scene of director discovering Dirge, Autobots talking, and Decepticon attack
*Decepticon HQ scene
*scene of Decepticons in stage 4 building
*scene of Autobots filming movie in stage 7 building

Cosmic Rust:

*entire episode except National Scientific Achievement scene

Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1:

*beginning of Movie recap
*rest of narration after indicating year and that the Autobots have won
*Charr scene
*rest of Act 2 after Rodimus laments being the chosen one
*all of Act 3

Madman’s Paradise:

*beginning of opening scene (title) but layered audio over still image
*scene of Daniel wandering off and Grimlock following
*all Menonia scenes until Carly arrives
*scene of pupil and Daniel arriving at the Golden One’s cave
*final Cybertron scene between Daniel, Grimlock, Spike, and Rodimus

Nightmare Planet:

*entire episode except most of first scene in Daniel’s bedroom (until Carly leaves)

Reave for approval, creating cover art, and uploading

Single Layer DVD

*feature-length audio commentary by me (on a separate title)
*excerpt from “Megatron’s Master Plan, Part 2″
*excerpts from “Nightmare Planet”
*excerpt from interview with Carly’s creator, writer Earl Kress
*excerpt from “Madman’s Paradise”
*informative text
*two trailers


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Having trouble extracting with 7-zip. I put in the password and it still comes up that about 3 of the vob files have the wrong password, if I put the wrong password in then it won't even get anything.

Mark Moore

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That's weird. I never added a password. Try using WinRAR. That's what I used to make the RAR files.

Are you trying to open my original DVD9 version or the DVD5 version that reave made for me?


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it most likely means that one or more of your downloads is corrupt. This is why md5 checksums are important.

Mark Moore

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Omaru1982 said:
It was the version in the DLC, so I'm guessing the dvd5?

Probably. I don't think reave has uploaded the DVD9 version yet.
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