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Alien 2: Q2 Edition


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Original Film Name : Alien 3: Special Edition
New Film Name : Alien 2: Q2 Edition
Film Studio Name : 20th Century Fox
Date Original Film Was Released : 1992
Date Edit Was Released : February 2011
Original Runtime : 145 min.
New Runtime : 113 min.
Amount of time Cut/Added : 37 min. cut/5 min. added

Fanedit details:
Intention (why did you do it): I originally set out to just streamline Alien 3, but during the process someone requested a version that asked the question "What if Aliens never existed?" That person also made the comment that it should be "fairly simple, just cut some footage here and there." The idea sounded interesting so I thought figured what the hell.

Cuts removed/added/extended (add list of what was changed):
Too many to list them all, but here are the biggies:

- replaced 20th Century Fox logo
- cut the alien being introduced during the credits (credits had to be reconstructed from scratch) (Special Thanks to ThrowgnCpr and Zeppelinrox for pin-pointing the font and its settings)
- reorganized and trimmed the opening
- cut all scenes with Andrews in contact with the Company
- cut all references to Hicks, Newt, Bishop and events from Aliens (including, but not limited to, the autopsy, the funeral, etc.)
- replaced the special edition ox scene with that of the dog from the theatrical cut
- cut Ripley waking next to Clemens (I always disliked this and felt it was forced)
- tweaked scene where Ripley scans herself for the alien (the alien isn't revealed right away)
- cut Ripley's dialog "It must have... violated me..." when talking to Dillon
- cut Ripley screaming "NOOOO!!!" when Clemen's stays behind (I mean really... have you ever seen someone screaming "NOOOO!!!" to the heavens? Have you ever done it yourself? I thought not.)
- replaced Ripley jumping with the one from the theatrical cut
- many, many little cuts throughout to trim scenes, cut dialog and just speed things up a little

Tech Info:
Hardware and software information (what did you use to create your fanedit): Core i7 2.66GHz, 6GB RAM, Adobe Premiere CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, multiAVCHD, VirtualDub, Audacity, Ripbot264, tsDemuxer

Release details (describe available version(s)):

DVD: DVD-SL @ 3900Kbps, Dolby Digital 5.1, Chapters
AVCHD: 720p DVD-DL @ 8900Kbps, Dolby Digital 5.1, Chapters
xVid: 720x405 @ 1800Kbps


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Alien 2: Q2 Edition review

Alien 3 was an unusual film, visually great and well acted, not a great David Fincher film but a below par Fincher is still better than what Hollywood has to offer. The problem for me and I assume with so many was killing off the characters of Hicks and Newt, with this fanedit Q2 has successfully removed theses characters in making this a sequel to the original Alien film. In an era of reboots and sequels that ignore the original this edit seems relevant. Alien 3 never felt like a sequel to Aliens instead it took alot of elements from Alien, the one alien hunting down the inmates, no weapons , slower paced.

Q2 doe's well in making this a sequel to Alien however the problem with the edit is more to do with the original film it self. Just how Ripley got impregnated is a mystery, the awful puppetry work on the alien, and as I've mentioned the killing off key characters, the film doesn't move the story along but felt like the franchise was moving backwards. Aliens will always be one of my favorite films and while I enjoyed and recommend this edit for me the series ended after Aliens.

Original Alien 3 score 6/10
Q2 Alien 2 fanedit score 7/10
An improvement over the original film and successfully deliveries what the editor set out to achieve however the films flaws are mainly with the original release. Recommend viewing though it won't be replacing Aliens as it's sequel for me

I watched the xvid version on my laptop and had no more problems in terms of quality. The sound seemed alittle low at the beginning and they were a couple of audio problems. First when the inmates go to the crashed site around 6:50 and then around 28:30 when we go into the canteen, though it's been a while since I've seen Alien 3 and it could just be me. The only problem with the plot was around the 40min mark when Ripley says the other Aliens were afraid of fire. With ignoring the events of Aliens Ripley has only encountered one other alien


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If I Were to show someone the aliens movies, should the order go Alien, Alien 2 Q2, Aliens, or Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 Q2? Haven't seen either edit so I'm stumped.


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kitbane said:
If I Were to show someone the aliens movies, should the order go Alien, Alien 2 Q2, Aliens, or Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 Q2? Haven't seen either edit so I'm stumped.

This particular edit, as it says in the first post up top, is an edit of Alien 3 that pretends Aliens (the real 2) never happened. Q2's edit called Alien 3 doesn't have the same goal and tries to just make 3 better.

Though, my own opinion is that if you're showing someone who's never seen the Alien films, you should show them the original versions first. Like em or not, they are what they are. I'm not saying you shouldn't show whoever it is fan edits but at least make sure they know what they're watching.
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