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Under the Dome [2013] - a summer miniseries!
Haven't read the book, but as a huge fan of the Mist movie, I'm pretty excited for this... I definitely dig it when an absurd high-concept idea is taken utterly seriously:

Best of all, however, as a miniseries, it should have a coherent sense of where it's going and build to a kick-ass, memorable conclusion, unlike some other open-ended high-concept shows I always avoided but could nevertheless name. :-P

Anyone here read the book? Any non-spoiler opinions on it and whether it ends well? Smile
I thought this was a tv show and I really wasn't interested. Now that I know it's a miniseries, I might have to check it out.
Looks like it could be good, didn't read the book. Sweet that Brian K Vaughan wrote it.
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Boooks been sitting on my shelf for at least a year or so, think I'll wait for some reviews before I try the show as the last few King miniseries have been bloody awful.
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Cool! Really looking forward to this, as I love Stephen King's ideas but hate his writing style. (I love The Mist and The Shining as films, The Stand as comic adaptation, and I also loved the most King-inspired parts of Lost. Sadly, the good adaptations are few and far between.)

Brian K. Vaughan is almost a guarantee that this will be at least decent (and better than most King miniseries). He's probably the most solid writer in comics (have you ever read a truly bad Vaughan issue?), and he also has screenwriting experience (his Lost episodes were all excellent). Also, the directors seem very capable: Niels Arden Oplev made the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (original title: "Män som hatar kvinnor" (literally "Men Who Hate Women")), which was good, and made Noomi Rapace a star; and Jack Bender (more or less the man (in addition to J.J.) who made Lost the best-looking show on TV) is on board for at least two episodes.

I actually have high hopes for this.
Oh, sweet, I didn't know Vaughan was involved! It may not be great, but that's practically a guarantee it won't suck, particularly with the plot/theme similarities to Y: The Last Man. :-D
Is it just me or does this show have really shitty dialog?
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this forum post do not represent the views of Fanedit.org or the Administrators. 
I see they're continuing this into a second season. Didn't the whole event only last a week in the book?
this show is really really stretched out.

a lot of soapy dialog and "dramatic cut to commerical" hinting at conflicts that then aren't there after the commercial.
like junior seeing the reporter and asking in a threatening way "what are YOU doing here?"
after the commercial just in a casual tone "what are you doing here?"

it really is an average to bad adaption or TV series in general
Things I'd kill for:
1. Saw footage without blur filters
2. Shared Dark Tower movie universe

It's good it was a summer series otherwise I would have dropped it by now. I suppose I could watch something else (finally watch Breaking Bad?), but it is holding my interest just enough to stick with it. Though I can't say why; I read the book and know what's coming (for the most part).

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