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random thoughts. rants. general nonsense.
(04-01-2019, 01:56 PM)Possessed Wrote:
(04-01-2019, 01:17 PM)Junglist Paja Wrote: It’s 5:00 AM, I’ve been listening to James Blunt’s Wisemen on repeat, I’m kind of tired.
I’m looking at my can tower of solos (6 cans)

I’m scrolling threw discord, talkin anime and shit.

Music videos between 2002 - 2008 had a very soft yellow / green color palette.

My hair is getting long, need to get it cut.

That's alot of sugar and not enough alcohol.

Depending on how long the sugar's been sitting there, there could be plenty of alcohol.  It is Australian, after all.
(04-01-2019, 01:20 PM)dahmage Wrote: [Image: tumblr_molygsoPLZ1swrisdo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: _Yeo2R-p7Cla1xEmhW9-wFit5qQ=.gif]
Prudes need prunes.
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Prudes need prunes.
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Xenomorphs are real dickheads.
Prudes need prunes.
[Image: f7d5bc8053f88ef934f045486342db75ab985d9b...1df0d3.jpg]
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Random rant...

F**k you youtube! I turned autoplay off for a reason 35-seconds after you introduced the annoying feature as the default 4-years ago. Stop sneakily turning it back on once a year, without my consent, in the hope that I won't notice.
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Hey, at least they give you the option of turning the effing autoplay off, even if you have to do it repeatedly.

* shakes fist at Netflix *
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(04-03-2019, 10:34 PM)CatBus Wrote: Hey, at least they give you the option of turning the effing autoplay off, even if you have to do it repeatedly.

* shakes fist at Netflix *

I like Netflix autoplay because if I've watched the first 113 episodes of Friends that day, chances are I want to watch episode 114 and 115 right after Big Grin .

youtube autoplaying random annoying clickbaity cr*p that I never want to watch (nevermind watch next), or a video that is in some way tangentially connected to what I just watched is a different thing.
Netflix autoplay is annoying though if you've just finished a film or series and want to lie back and ponder... And then suddenly the credits are cut off and a bombastic trailer comes on screen. 

What kind of demanding, drooling binger do you take me for, Netflix? 

[Image: y_PuLdfy3I_JNK9tLgQPJIUIQ3w=.gif]

I'm a film buff - Let me think about what I've just watched!
"I live in the Tower of Flints. I am the death-owl."

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I agree, Netflix autoplay is horrid.  It's on everything.  I just finished a movie, why would I want some vaguely connected "you might like" movie to start next?

With that said the "skip intro" button for TV shows should be on everything.

EDIT: The autoplay should function just like the skip intro.  Make it so I have to click it to start the next movie, trailer, episode, whatever.
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