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random thoughts. rants. general nonsense.
Just picked up some new coffee beans and omg, I had no idea coffee could have such distinct flavour in the aftertaste Big Grin

EDIT: It also has enough caffeine in it to kill a horse. My fingers are twitchyyyyyy
Couldn't find a good GotG thread to drop this in so, good on you Dave Bautista.
Just got back from a 2 hour round trip to buy something off of offerup. Needless to say, they sold it out from under me....frustrating.
TFW you show your partner a video about editing and they express interest in trying it out...

[Image: tumblr_le4ty4rpVX1qdfhz4.gif]
^ Lucky!


That Friday When, or The Fun When?
I may be an A-hole, but I'm not 100% a dick - Han Solo
Currently working on: Sgt. John vs Planet Paradise, Mad Max: Fury Road (silent), The Story of Leonidas and the 300 Spartans (now that I have fresh eyes)
"Not on my setup"
[Image: giphy.gif]
Screen Junkies taking on the US Army as a sponsor for Honest Trailers, based on their viewing demographics, is beyond disgusting

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