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The ARROWVERSE (Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends,etc)
THE FLASH "Elseworlds Part 1"

...just some quick observations/notes... SPOILERS....
--BOOM!!! Monitor and Deegan right out of the gate and we are off to the races!
--it's a Quantum Leap Buddy Comedy!!! And it works wonderfully!!
--writers obviously taking great joy poking fun at their characters lol
--the Pipeline DOES have a bathroom!!!
--for all the comedy, some very nice introspective moments for Barry, Ollie, Kara and Clark
--Smallville theme song!
--hhmmm..... mysterious cryptic interrupted conversation... what does Clark need to tell Kara?
--Ivo Labs and A.M.A.Z.O., though why was Ivo's ship also called Amazo???
--While the new spandex Flash suit looks great on Gusten, Amell looks awkward lol
--hated the Sherloque Wells alimony cheque gag
--Red skies and yellow lightning!!!  CRISIS!
--Other than the body swap, this episode is very stand alone and reveals little of the greater Deegan/Monitor threat.  Instead the episode has fun exploring the differences of Ollie and Barry's characters and the worlds they inhabit.

Awesome episode!  Smiled from beginning to end.  Tonight, our heroes travel to Gotham City!!!

"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
I missed it, I completely forgot. 
I'm not an active watcher of these shows, but I love what I've seen, and my sister watches them and keeps me updated. We were going to watch this crossover together but I guess we didn't last night. Hopefully we can find time to watch it before tonight.
Mega Man is best game. 
ARROW "Elseworlds Part 2"

SPOILERS!!  Tongue

--And the good times continue!
--Ravager (son of Deathstroke) returns... but why don't the AGUS guys ever go for the head shot? lol
--still lots of laughs, but of course this is Arrow, so you gotta have serious darker moments of the Olicity story
--So Gotham is basically a dead city on Earth-1, what Star City could have become.... Batman/Bruce Wayne has been missing for three years on Earth-1, though from an Arrowverse continuity stand point, I think it would have been better to say seven years, to explain how Batman could be considered an urban legend during Oliver's time as Green Arrow.
--Hilarious how Ollie is jealous that he might not be the original badass vigilante.
--Seems clear to me that there is a Batman on BOTH Earth-1 and Earth-38 based on Kara's comments
--the Shakespeare bust from the Adam West series LOL
--loved the Arkham cell block roll call
--Scarecrow fear gas!!!  And surprise villain cameos!!!  Awesomeness!
--"World's Finest"... yep, they said it!
--90s Flash!  Portents of a coming CRISIS!  Green Lantern easter egg!!!
--cliffhanger with EVIL SUPERMAN!!!! 

All this and so much more!   WOW!!!  This is just pure fanboy fun.  Total giddy entertainment.

One more part to go....
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
I saw it more as, Batman being Batman, travels between worlds himself.
I watched both parts, and while I enjoyed them, they felt kinda not great, and Power Rangers-y. Clearly I don't watch The Flash enough to know what I'm getting myself into. Last night's episode was a bit better, though I need to get around to actually watching Arrow. 
Looking forward to tonight's episode. 
Eventually I want someone to edit these together and do whatever they can to improve them, but this is just a minor personal thing.
Mega Man is best game. 
SUPERGIRL "Elseworlds Part 3"


--replacing the Kara voice over origin with Deegan's!
--good twist, not Evil Superman, but Deegan as Superman!
--Trigger Twins... did they raid Fonzie's closet? lol
--they lied!  The Legends are in the crossover... GARY!!! Smile
--these 3 episodes are the BEST written Supergirl character in a long time, hope it continues rest of the season
--loved the Kara and Alex scene
--Kara wonders why her pod never landed on Earth-1?
--the Fortress of Solitude has stair railings?
--no return of 90s Flash?
--"Bizzaro" ha ha!
--so the Book of Destiny only reveals information of the Earth/Universe you are in, not the whole multiverse?
--only the true Superman is strong enough to use the Book of Destiny
--man o man, the Monitor scenes are pitch perfect!
--Lois is preggos!  I guess that will resolve the continual fan question why Superman doesn't show up....
--Spinning the world backwards!
--lost opportunity!!!  Superman and Brainy in a scene together, and no mention of their Legion history?  Just a simple exchange like Superman looks over at Brainy, says "Hey Brainy, good to see you.  We should do coffee and catch up." would have been awesome.
--Ollie makes a deal to save Barry and Kara (they BOTH died in the Crisis comic), what was it?  A life for a life?  The Crisis is coming and as said before, Amell's contract expires next season... hhmmmmmm....
--And Psycho Pirate utters the infamous "Worlds will live, worlds will die..."

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS -- Not sure how I feel about Batwoman being on Earth-1, thus Batman?  On the one hand, it sort of feels disrespectful to Amell and the franchise he launched.  On the other hand, Arrow has incorporated Batman characters/concepts since the very beginning, so it does sort of work continuity wise.

These three nights were the most fun I have had with the Arrowverse since.... well, since last season's crossover!!!

More thoughts later, need to rewatch again. Big Grin
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
The CW has renewed the entire Arrowverse line up for next season, along with the Batwoman pilot, so next year's crossover CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS should be appropriately epic!

So far I have been enjoying all shows since their winter return.   The new Arrow status quoe is starting to feel more natural, and though the writers still seem to struggle with what to do with the overly large cast, at least they are giving the characters better bits to work with during their brief screen time.  I am loving the evolution of Wild Dog, never thought I would write that!  I am liking the new Green Arrow, as she is a nice counter reflection to Oliver, and shows how much he has changed in 7 seasons.   And the Suicide Squad is back.... sorta... DC must have relaxed a bit on their creative embargo with DCTV side of things, as Arrow can use the Suicide Squad but can not CALL THEM the Suicide Squad... it is now the Ghost Initivite or protocol or something silly....  regardless, glad to see it back as it was a good fit of the Arrow show. 

The Flash, as always, continues to be my favourite show... even a bad episode will make me smile.   The latest episode rejuvinated the villain storyline immensely imo.... I am beginning to suspect that Nora has come back in time to save her mom Iris from being murdered by Cicada?  This last episode has established there is over 200 known parallel (not 52) Earths, that the villian Red Death exists and the timeline has been altered further, with the establishment of Iris' newspaper in 2019 instead of 2021.   In many ways, this entire season feels like the back door set up for CRISIS.
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.

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