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RE: Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 12-26-2016

I liked the episode.  Not great, but fun enough.  Felt like there was a bit too much of an emphasis on the super heroic love triangle.  Felt like a backdoor pilot to me.

RE: Doctor Who - musiced921 - 12-26-2016

Surprisingly I really liked the episode.  I agree that there was no emphasis on Christmas, but the campy superhero homages made me smile.  It was a strange Christmas special, but an enjoyable episode overall for me.  I agree, Moffat needs to go at any rate.

RE: Doctor Who - bionicbob - 12-26-2016

As a life long Superman fan, I enjoyed those homages and easter eggs for what they are, but does this story really fit into the Dr. Who mythology.... if you have Superman-level powered beings now on Earth, do we really need the Doctor as much?  Is this a one time story or will it be referenced again?   When the next alien invasion happens, will the Ghost show up and stop it?  And if not, why not?  It is just a can of worms that did not need to be opened imo.

I think I am also growing tired of the overt in your face comedy elements that Moffat injects.... his whole MADMAN IN A BOX schtick that he uses like a sledgehammer on the audience is just too much... I enjoy comedic elements that arise naturally but at its foundation I want my Whoverse (or any fictional verse I follow) to feel "real"... if that makes any sense? lol

I know the Xmas specials are always have a bit more over the top tone and structure, but this was just too over the top to me.  Tongue

RE: Doctor Who - wilhelm scream - 12-26-2016

The christmas special was better than most of the christmas special that Doctor Who has had over the years.

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 12-26-2016

Bob, I haven't seen it yet but that's what I was afraid of when I heard about the superhero premise. I agree about Moffat, it's time for him to be replaced. He has had some really good episodes, maybe some of my favorite episodes of the entire show but the seasons don't feel cohesive (what's the big deal with River, where did Orson Pink come from, why did the Ponds leave like twenty times, etc). Conversely, Davies had great seasons and finales that tied everything together great, but a few episodes per season that were really silly concepts or executions (farting aliens, living creatures with eyes and legs and mouths but entirely made of human fat and a drug, etc).

Realistically I'd like some middle ground, but my ideal choice for showrunner Would be Neil Gaiman, though he'd never have the time, he's a brilliant creative writer and understands Doctor Who in context to the real world (ie, "I want to make cybermen scary again", he knows!). 

Addition: Alas, as an American, and a Paul McGann/8th Doctor fan, I know my opinion holds no ground at the BBC.

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 12-27-2016

Neil Gaiman wrote "Nightmare In Silver" which is a load of pants.

And word is even his hugo award winning "The Doctor's Wife" was almost entirely rewritten by an uncredited Moffat

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 12-28-2016

(12-27-2016, 04:35 PM)Zarius Wrote: Neil Gaiman wrote "Nightmare In Silver" which is a load of pants.

And word is even his hugo award winning "The Doctor's Wife" was almost entirely rewritten by an uncredited Moffat

Tell us how you REALLY feel.

RE: Doctor Who - Zamros - 12-30-2016

I really cringe any time a British property gets hyper-Americanised, even if just briefly. It's not that Americanisation is inherently bad, it's that it usually isn't handled well. It often feels like when DW has an Americanised episode (Or with the new Fantastic Beasts movie) that it's British actors putting on American accents. Which is weird, because they're American actors. I think it just comes down to the writers.

The whole Moffat thing frustrates me, because while I absolutely LOVED the latest season, the one before it was utter utter dreck. That awful London growing into a forest episode made me want to stop watching the show entirely. This episode had slightly better writing, but was completely uninspired. If they were going to make a Doctor Who Superhero, it should feel Doctor Who-y. The Ghost just felt like Superman dressed like Batman, completely uninspired. Not to mention that the origin story was utter bollocks.

But yeah, now The Ghost exists and they didn't even invent a contrived way to get rid of his powers, I'm just left wondering what else they'll do with him. Because this superpowered person now exists. He can do stuff The Doctor could never do. It somehow manages to make a man with a magic screwdriver, a magical ressurection ability and a magical mind less impressive.

It seems like the next season is returning to Moffat's "Meh" roots. Maybe he should just stick to Sherlock.

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 01-02-2017

Just watched the Crimbo Special and despite my fears that a Superhero story wouldn't work... I'm surprised to say, it was one of my favourite DW episodes of recent years. Just about every Doctor line was a zinger and delivered with perfect timing by Capaldi.

It was a better Superman movie than the last 4 Superman movies. Come on DC, this is what people want. A sweet, endearing and charming Clark we are cheering for, a delightful love "triangle", a believable Lois, fun, humour, Superman catching falling spaceships in his left hand etc and you know... actual heroism!

RE: Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 01-02-2017

Can Moffat please reboot the DC movie universe once he's done with Doctor Who?  That's pretty much the only thing that could bring me back after BVS crushed my soul.