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x264 encoding for use with DVD Architect Pro 5.2 compatibility problems


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This probably isn't an issue that most have faced yet, but it most likely will be, and there is scarce information out there on the web to find about it. I shall endeavor to change that as I learn the solution myself.

PROLOGUE: In a nutshell, sony avc is a weak codec, and DVD Architect also suffers from a weak built-in muxer that there is no way of getting around using (muxing before pulling it into DVD Architect doesn't help). Sony avc suffers from being limited to an older 4.0 profile that caps out at max 25Mbps. The max average bitrate that Sony Vegas Pro 10 will let one use is 21Mbps. Using this codec to render my video at that setting resulted in video that is choppy in sections on playback from a blu-ray player (I believe due to this 4.0 limitation, but possibly due to some other unidentified issue).

THE ISSUE: Thus I turned to 3rd party free software MeGui, which is a great little app that uses the x264 codec, uses 4.1 profile with max bitrate of 40Mbps, and has been confirmed as "blu-ray compliant" and has even been used by some professional movie studios for their encoding. Unfortunately this video stream is causing my DVD Architect to crash and fail in preparing a blu-ray to burn. I am still working on getting to the bottom of the problem and how to make these two applications compatible. I will post more when I know. If anyone has any experience with this problem, feedback would be appreciated.

Here are my current MeGui settings used: program --preset slower --pass 2 --bitrate 23000 --stats ".stats" --open-gop bluray --pic-struct --level 4.1 --bframes 3 --ref 4 --slices 4 --aud --nal-hrd vbr --b-pyramid strict --keyint 24 --min-keyint 2 --vbv-bufsize 30000 --vbv-maxrate 40000 --weightp 0 --colorprim "bt709" --transfer "bt709" --colormatrix "bt709" --output "output" "input"

Here is the current error message I get in DVD Architect when preparing the disc: "File name: STREAM/00007.m2ts
Status: TSWrapper.dll::CTSWrapper::procThreadMain::Video buffer underflows. - "
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