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Wyatt Earp - The Full Tombstone

Bobson Dugnutt

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I've never actually seen the film, but after watching Tombstone with Kurt Russell, I thought this would be interesting to do as it released the very next year, and was also about the adventures of Wyatt Earp, only with Kevin Costner as the title character and also covered a lot more of his life. @Smoker1 approached me about editing a version of the official "Special Expanded Edition" that was only released on VHS and Laserdisc. While there were some partial deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray, the entire behemoth cut was never released in full after 1995. This cut is a recreation of that version, using the Blu-Ray, Laserdisc and the deleted scenes.

The quality on this one is a bit spotty, as upscaling really didn't do anything for the LD footage, so I opted to leave it as is. I still colour-matched and corrected it to match the Blu-Ray so that it matches up. Audio work is all clean and fine as well, just the video quality is spotty for the SEE sections, so be weary.

- added young Wyatt talking to his mother about the future, and following in his father's footsteps
- added young Wyatt and the encampment in a sandstorm
- added Wyatt & Urilla talking about staying in Missouri and the fear of leaving
- added extended wedding celebration, with the Earp brothers jokingly flirting with the bride
- added Wyatt, Ed and Bat drying bison pelts, while some Sioux watch over them, disapprovingly
- added Wyatt and the Sheriff talking about what makes a good person, while two criminals confront them
- extended scene with Wyatt meeting Morgan's wife, Lou
- added Wyatt joking that the town has been so quiet, he's had time to buy shoes
- extended scene with a boy walking through the Tombstone market and bringing milk to the Earps
- extended scene with Wyatt and Virgil patrolling the town
- added Wyatt in bed with Mettie, thinking about his meeting with Josie
- added Wyatt and Doc Holiday being confronted by a cowboy, who threatens to shoot them right there
- added Wyatt walking into the Oriental, and interrupting a card game with Doc Holiday, Kate and Lawrence Kasdan
- added Josie leaving Johnny Behan because he never married her
- added Frank McLaury, Billy Clanton & Billy Claiborne are riding into town
- added the men who died in the shootout being displayed in the funeral parlor
- added Wyatt having his wounds treated from the shootout
- added Wyatt and Doc Holiday being escorted to the town jail
- added Wyatt and Doc Holiday in their cell discussing their history behind bars
- added Wyatt and Morgan walking through town, as Wyatt asks him if he's had enough of Tombstone yet
- added Wyatt and his group riding out of town for the last time
- added Johnny Behan and his group riding through the mountains as Wyatt and Doc Holiday watch them from above

Theatrical - 03:10:23
Full Tombstone - 03:31:16

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